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RockShox Recon 351 Solo Air Forks-Lockout Issue

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By TrekWrekka - Posted on 17 May 2013

NB: Originally posted elsewhere on the Global Riders Network and appears via syndication.

The lockout function on my forks no longer works.When the motion control switch is open the forks appear to have the full range of travel but when switched to the lockout setting the amount of travel remains the same.
Anyone have any tips or suggestions for a remedy to this problem? The forks are 4 years old and have had a major service approx 2 years ago.

Thanks in advance!


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I had a similar issue with my rockshox SIDs a while ago and it was due to an internal seal leak that caused the oil level to drop a little. The rest of the damping worked fine but the lockout cartridge thingy at the top of the fork no longer had enough oil to provide extra damping. It cost $30 at the, admittedly great value, local repair shop to fit a new O ring and put it back together. In your case get some new oil at the same time if it's the same issue

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When i first bought the bike second hand, the remote lockout appeared to do nothing. Bought a shock pump to set the pressures back to spec, and to my surprise, the remote lockout started working!

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Just on this issue, anyone recommend an LBS for recon of Rockshox ??

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Ride-In workshop in Balgowlah did mine. It cost $90 for a full service including seals and fluid so the price was right

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