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Some economic insights to MTB events

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By Dicko - Posted on 21 May 2013

An article giving some insight to the economic benefits of MTB events. Some interesting insights to the demographics of mtb participants at these events also.


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Who seem to think the 40+ crowd doesn't really matter and that all our training is a waste of time and hasn't got a place in the Mtb scene.
How would they know? They havn't reached our age yet!
The middle aged crowd throws most of the money into the bike industry and I think there's a real void in sponsorships for older riders.
To be completely honest, when i cross the line at a race, i dont go and look at who won in the Elites. I check who won in my category and they're the guys that i'm studying and looking at what equipment they're using and what training they do.
I'm not taking anything away from the Elite guys. I'm just saying that us oldies have an important place in the sport also!
A little off topic Wayne but seeing the demographics on that article sparked thoughts that often come to mind!

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I agree 100% with Gazza and when I do look around, it is obvious to me that my $2,500 10.5kg Giant negatively impacts my times vs you boys on your fancy 9kg bikes Eye-wink

Can someone please sponsor me!!!

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Loose some weight or have a crap! Eye-wink

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Your viewpoint is exactly what sparked my interest in the article.

I have been involved in the preparation of various sponsorship proposals in recent times, and the key recurring theme is what is in it for us i.e the sponsors.

When you state the demographics involved with the sport, and the incomes and $$ spent, our age group is the one of most value to companies.

Lets hope a couple of old buggers like ourselves catch the eye of some potential sponsors Eye-wink


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....already full of crap. Will take a number of dumps to get any traction!'s picture

Could just imagine wearing a jersey with the TENA logo - manufacturers of incontinence pads. Maybe this would be the super grand masters.

Demographic information would be very useful to put to sponsors. If there was a survey of say, entrants in the fling, this would illustrate what a great demographic this is. You would think car manufacturers, investment products and even clothing/lifestyle products would fit very well.

The other thing about mtb riders is the education level, but this seems to be more obvious in the female participants. The number of female mtb riders with PhD's is way over the general population, from what I have seen, but no idea of what the actual statistics are.

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Seems I'm the least edumacated of my regular riding buddies, with a mere Bachelors degree and professional qualification.

(I'm not that smart - 'twas a benefit of growing up in the Whitlam-Fraser era of free education.)

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Our local tourism officer at the time did a report for council on one of our national rounds in 2006.

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