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How not to transport your bike....

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By Lach - Posted on 27 May 2013

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hopefully that was coming home from the race or weekend away ?

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...on the Oodnadatta Track on the way back from the Ingkerreke.

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You just made me spit my dinner all over the monitor - lol!

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.. the Niner is white again (as is the Prado). If you look closely, the bar ends on the bike are well wrapped in plastic and gaffer tape (to keep the expected dust out - ha ha!). That worked OK and the hubs seem OK, but I'm not sure about the bottom bracket - might just be a bit of stiffness in the chain, but there seems to be a bit of resistance there. Will need to give it a ride (when the weather clears up) to see if it frees up a bit.

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