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Garmin Edge navigation?

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By Matt - Posted on 27 January 2008


I'm considering moving into the 21st century, having discovered the limitations of map and compass, and was wondering if we have any experienced Edge users who can attest to its functionality as a navigation tool. Specifically can you use it to help explore areas you've never been and will they get you home if you become completely disorientated?

I've heard vicious rumours you can use them to follow other people's tracks from, say, motion based, and suspect you might be able to create your own routes in say google earth/maps and then follow them?

Looking about there don't seem to be any competitors to the Edge but if anyone knows of one fire away.


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I guess this would have come in handy yesterday?? Smiling

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... would be able to point you at a site such as this:


As for navigation - the 'older' (current) Edges are only good for following pre-loaded trails (yes, as loaded from MotionBased or previously traced out on Google Maps/Earth for example). Of course you can view the breadcrumb trail on the ride you're currently out on, so should always be able to figure out the way home.

The newer (605/705) look to have turn by turn navigation. Well - if you have the maps for where you are... beware of those costs. If you want something for routing in the car then these could work well as a dual purpose unit. Watch out in the bush though as you might find yourself on trails not even marked on topo maps.

More and more options are coming along, have a look on the aforementioned nerd site. But I think the Edge is the only one with HR/Cadence/GPS right now.

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anyone got any links/reviews to the new model garmin with the colour screen, i may not be a nerd but i love pretty colours!!!!!! Eye-wink

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check this site out for a review
i ordered mine back in November to replace my current edge, now due mid feb (hopefully!)

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call me a magpie as shiny things and colours turn me on! where did you order this from, obviously the u.s.? id be keen to order one soon with the exchange rate being pretty good.

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put my sequence away hey Gaz?

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heeelp iff yow cud speel moit

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ordered from geoman gear
i got the 705 with heart rate monitor and cadence, i think including delivery it came to just over $650. the exchange rate was over 90 when i ordered back in november
I will put up a review here when i finally get it

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Hand held may also suit....not a specific bike GPS but is able to be used as such, they have maps etc and are good for exploring.

They dont come cheap, the maps cost around $400 the unit is around $400-$600 depending on which features your after.

Another hand held option is the Magellan GPS units. With these however you are not able to overlay to google etc but they have more detailed maps including contours etc.

Just thought it may be another option for can also use it in the car if need be by just plugging in an address and you've got a guide to your location.

Good luck mate

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