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2013 Highland Fling

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By Brian - Posted on 01 July 2013

Sunday, 10 November, 2013 (All day)

The meeting times are 'ready to ride'. If you need time to prepare equipment then please arrive a few minutes earlier.

Come Rain or Shine: 
I'll be there, no matter what the weather.
Ride Database Entry: 
Penrose State Forest
Ride Database Entry: 
Wingello State Forest
Meeting Point: 

Quarry and Ferndale Road, Bundanoon, New South Wales

Show on Google maps: Meeting point. Login or register to get directions.

Do the Full Fling (approx 110km), the Half Fling (approx 55km), the relay Flinging Threesome or take on the even bigger challenge of the 100Mile Fling

There is also the Casual Fling, a 14km Participation (untimed) Ride for those not feeling up to taking on the races above. An opportunity for those new to mountain biking or those less fit than they’d like to be, to get on a bike at the Fling.

The main racing is on Sunday 10th November but there’s plenty happening on Saturday 9th too including the Rolloff World Championships, the Bundanoon Dash, (including The Battle of The Businesses) a fundraising 6km ‘sprint’ race (it’s not compulsory!) along with entertainment, food & drink, gear displays, demos, Kids MTB Skills Course and more.

Who's in?
Lach, GAZZA, jp, Steve 01, Damien, nh, Volker, garyinoz, hawkeye, Brian, CB, trailburner, davidren, Blades_Utd, obmal, MY Racing 221, Dicko, Medigger, doc, Fatboy, twotommos, sly_artichoke, beetle, stephen, pommyracer, Tristania, Discodan, andyfev, Pete B, Jonny, xmas, ChookLegsMonkeyBoy (32 riders)
Lach GAZZA jp Steve 01 Damien nh Volker garyinoz hawkeye Brian CB trailburner davidren Blades_Utd obmal MY Racing 221 Dicko Medigger doc Fatboy twotommos sly_artichoke beetle stephen pommyracer Tristania Discodan andyfev Pete B Jonny xmas ChookLegsMonkeyBoy
What Happened?

Blog entries about this meeting (as this is a race standings and times are shown, click on the title for more and to comment)...

Who Title Status Time Pos.Gen. Category Pos.Cat.
Jonny First Fling; good post injury ride!! Finished 02:45:29 47 Half/Male/Veterans 18
jp Coldest wettest and funnest fling Finished 02:47:46 52 Half/Male/Masters 12
Pete B First time Fling Finished 02:55:17 80 Half/Male/Veterans 29
pommyracer Another (small) step in the right direction Finished 03:08:13 157 Half/Male/Veterans 60
Lach Fling'n Fun Finished 03:32:11 284 Half/Male/Super Masters 37
andyfev Flung by the Fling! Finished 03:40:11 328 Half/Male/Veterans 92
hawkeye Fling 2013 - Death by Cramps Finished 03:53:55 Half/Male/Super Masters 54
all74 First time Halfling Finished 04:15:16 522 Half/Male/Masters 182
Antsonline The Fling was Flung... Finished 04:34:05 11 Full/Male/Elite 11
Tristania Flung to my limits but finished on a high(land)! Finished 04:50:17 27 Full/Male/Open 1
Chitts 2013 Highland Fling - Done and Dusted Finished 04:59:24 35 Full/Male/Veterans 10
Dicko SXC 'Fling' Racing Finished 05:01:41 40 Full/Male/Masters 4
Brian 2013 Highland Fling Finished 05:04:38 41 Full/Male/Veterans 14
GAZZA Not a bad Fling! Finished 05:05:12 42 Full/Male/Masters 5
stephen Flinging Single Speed Finished 05:14:23 59 Full/Singlespeed 2
doc 2013 Highland Fling Finished 05:16:51 66 Full/Male/Masters 8
Blades_Utd Tough old day at the Fling Finished 05:22:58 Full/Male/Veterans 33
garyinoz Tough time at the Fling Finished 06:02:29 170 Full/Male/Masters 49
Discodan First Full Fling Finished 06:31:15 251 Full/Male/Masters 92
Fatboy Disappointing Fling Finished 06:36:24 Full/Male/Masters 103
obmal Somedays you eat the bear, somedays the bear eats you. Did not finish 100mile/Male

Were you there and have a story to tell?

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obmal's picture

Back again for another go at the 100 mile suffer festival.. even though I clearly recall after last years effort swearing to anyone who would listen.. that I would not do that one again.
one thing I won't do this year is beers and Pizza the night before.. ouch!

CB's picture

I'm in for fling number 5 ( or 6 if you count the one I marshalled at)

kitttheknightrider's picture

I think I remember the year you marshalled, 2006? You were at an intersection of the fire roads coming out of the forest before the last transition area.

I must have been one of the last ones out and knew there was no way I would make transition in time so had a chat for a couple of minutes (quietly making sure I wouldn't make the cut off. Almost didn't make the last bus which would have been a problem.

Can't believe it's been that long and I still haven't exorcised my demons.

CB's picture

That was me..... The giveaway is that I was wearing a kilt !

I have to say, if for some reason you cant ride an event, the next best thing is being a course marshall. It's a long day, but strangely rewarding.

So.... Kit..... time to exorcise the demons ?


Brian's picture

8 weeks to go... Smiling

andyfev's picture

Only 8 weeks!!!! I'd better up my current riding pattern of once every 4-6 weeks to once every 3 weeks... This isn't gonna be pretty Eye-wink

Brian's picture

Well, if you go from once every 4-6 to once every 2-3 you've just doubled the amount your doing Smiling

andyfev's picture

Best case scenario, Brian... I'm confident I won't double my training but at least I'll be fresh for the race Eye-wink

Antsonline's picture

if you were keen to get some 'inside' info on the race, training, or nutrition - there is a training camp being run with the organisers this weekend - down on the course....

Obviously, if you cant make it, dont want to / cant pay for it - then I'll be here to help with any questions leading into what is always the biggest race of the NSW MTB calendar.....

Brian's picture

I'm away this weekend but I'm just checking out the calendar for when I can pencil in some Wingello training rides Smiling

sly_artichoke's picture

Pity that this clashes with Chokky Foot at Awaba. Can't be in 2 places at once though, and already entered The Foot...

jp's picture

Well what a great weekend. I learned a lot, made some new friends, did plenty of riding and I feel very inspired heading into the last 6 weeks of training for the fling. Thanks to Anthony and Kyle for sharing their knowledge and providing encouragement and great race tips for the fling. The concept of "free speed" is so simple but it was a real revelation for me.

@Antsonline - as soon as I got home I planned my weeks riding - hill repeats, tempo session, endurance ride, skills session and a couple of easy recovery rides. And two days off. Looking forward to riding my local singletrack with no brakes...

Rob's picture

Time travel? Eye-wink

I'm guessing you're talking about Ant's Fling training?

jp's picture


obmal's picture

Only 4 training weekends left! I guess its time to clean the dirtworks mud off the old hardtail and hit some trails?

Brian's picture

Just under 4 weeks to go...

Rourkus's picture

Anyone done both the Convict 100 and the Full Fling 110? I did the half fling 3 years ago underprepared and suffered much... Tough love.
This year I finished the Convict 100 in just under 6 hrs - 1st hundred which I was happy with. Am keen to do the Full Fling but just wondering how it compares as a physical challenge with the Convict?
Being 10km more and 500m more vertical with all it's pinch climbs I'm thinking the Fling is probably harder.
Thoughts? Cheers.

Antsonline's picture

Hi Rourkus - the Fling is harder than the Convict because the climbing continues throughout the event - whereas at the Convict there are basically two main climbs to master and then thats all.
The things that might make the Fling a bit easier are that you get a bit of a break during the untimed sections at Wingello to collect fluids etc, and also the fact that you are likely to benefit more from riding in a group than you would at the Convict.

The last 10km of the Fling are tough - and thats why it seems to hurt more.

The only way you'll know for sure is to bite the bullet. Pack some food, dont go out too hard, and you'l be fine. If you can get to the 1st feed at wingello cricket oval without using too much gas, you'll be in great shape.

Rourkus's picture

Thanks Ants - yes the regular climbs made me suspect Fling is harder. Will do a few laps around Manly Dam this weekend to see how I'm doing. Yes I remember the 1st feed stn from doing the half - at which point I was past half cooked from excess adrenalin getting the better of me. Keen to enter, it's the 4 hr drive back to work at Mudgee that's a killer! Cheers.

jp's picture

The last 2 weeks of training - I hope everyone is feeling fit and ready?

GAZZA's picture

And have a pairs Choc foot race next week.
Oh and a crit at Heffron park this Tuesday and next.
I'm good to go but I know there's people out there have been putting many more hrs of training in than I have.

Brian's picture

Ah the "have I done enough", "who's done more", "who's done less". Got to love the feeling as the race gets close and you realise there's just one weekend left Smiling

andyfev's picture

I'm definitely in the "I've done less training category" Eye-wink

obmal's picture

Is two weeks out too late for bike fitness improvements? no idea??

I'm going to use the time to harden up the old ass cheeks, put the MTB seat on the commuter.. time enough for some pre chaffing in all the correct places.

ps's picture
Pete B's picture

I see on the route map there is a segment called Early Bath and another called Free Bike Wash. I've not done The Fling before so I can only presume these are creek crossings or some other form of water splash? Can anyone shed any light on this for me?

Lach's picture

Free bike wash is a fire trail creek crossing which is usually rideable - though can be a bit murky after a few hundred have been through. Usually do it on the way out and the way back iirc. Early bath is a single file, bike on shoulder, slip down the embankment and wade across 3-4 metres of water and walk it out the other side full on creek crossing. Usually knee to thigh high (depending on how tall you are).

Pete B's picture

Thanks for the info Lach. So wet shoes all round then, sounds like blisters for everyone!

I was going to use a dry lube on my chain but going by this, it may not be the right option.

obmal's picture

yes wet shoes, but you shouldn't get any blisters or have any feet issues (it's not a hike..) if you have proper fitting MTB shoes. you will be fine Smiling

Dry lube will be fine (if its not raining).. don't bother trying to hero ride these water crossings unless your right at the pointy end.. and even then some of the elite run across with their bike in the air.

The bigger issue is the line up to cross can be rather long if your mid pack, relax have a chat with the other riders and enjoy the short breather and have a laugh at the one or two riders that disregard the lines and push in at the front.

Lach's picture

... because they are suede and drain pretty well. Usually ship a bit of sand, but although I usually end up walking a few bits, have never had blisters, even doing the 100. If you walk free bike wash, head to the sides, it's shallower than up the middle where the 4WD's have washed it out a bit. As Obmal says, if you walk both of them, a dry lube should be no problem, though there's usually plenty of wet sand either side of free bike wash.

GiantNut's picture

"have a laugh at the one or two riders that disregard the lines and push in at the front." Made me laugh - I always get into the chute early and love it when 3 mins to go people are climbing over the fence with nowhere to go but tangle legs and wheels. If they are quick who cares.....Not so funny when they drop in but their training appears to be a regular ride to KFC then become a mobile chicane on the first hill...

To help first timers the pace is on at the front for the first few kays i'm talking 30 to 40 kp/h avg and then settles down around the farm say 5kays in.

obmal's picture

yes self seeding starts are an annoying part of races, the flings not too bad as they don't start in waves like the Convict where if you don't make it into the right group then it's going to cost you a lot of time.
But I was more referring to the creek crossing where we all line up apart from the one or two that won't.

Antsonline's picture

Also remember that this is a very unusual race in that they start the Elite field 45mins AFTER the main 112km field, so we'll be chasing you all the way.

From an 'elite' (never really like that word) perspective, its a bit of a nightmare. Typically, we start to get into the real 'meat' of the field just as we hit the singletrack at Wingello. It can get very messy. There are actually $0000's of dollars at stake, so there is sometimes some angst Eye-wink
Hopefully everyone will play nicely. I'll try and say hi to anyone I recognise. I'll be wearing some jazzy kit - say hi.

oh - and that 5mins you get in the 'neutral' zone in Wingelllo - it isn't long. To ride it at a normal, slow speed takes 3mins 15secs (I measured it), so you've got enough time to re-lube your chain (after the water crossing), grab a bidon, kiss your other half and get back on it! That's assuming there isn't a train too!!!

Have a good race everyone. I have a feeling we will see some special Nobmob performances.....

GAZZA's picture

Is to not see any Elite riders on the course at all.
My prep last year wasn't great due to a virus but I'm expecting a little faster this year even though I havn't had the perfect lead up.
I'm not expecting a podium or anything but at least I have the motivation to keep on truckin when times get tough throughout the race!
Good luck everyone,
Especially SXC Racing!!!!!

Brian's picture

GAZZA, that's the plan. We should have a group of us in this one.

GAZZA's picture

Will have any problems.
I may just tag along in your slipstream for as long as I can last then spend the rest of the race looking over my shoulder for those pesky elites!

Antsonline's picture

All you need to do Gazza is go under 5hrs and you wont see us.
Winning Elite time is 4.15(ish) and you get a 45min headstart....

I'd like nothing more than crossing the line not seeing you guys, knowing you had all smashed out some kind of Team Time Trial to ride a 4.45 Fling.....

obmal's picture

team time trail that grassy hill..
My aim is to actually have someone to chase for the last 1/2 of the race, The one person I was working with last year blew up on me and then I was on my own... even the photog had gone home by the time I got to the last stage?

Brian's picture

That's because you're crazy and did the 100 mile. Are you doing it again this year?

sly_artichoke's picture

I did the 100 mile last year with Stefan43. No plans to do it again in either the near or distant future! 112k's is fine by me.

Brian's picture

Can't wait to see the start list. One last weekend of training so getting pretty excited now Smiling

obmal's picture

Yes I'm in for the 100 Mile again.. I said last year I wouldn't do it, but looking back I was not real happy about my effort.. so now I have unfinished business to sort out.

hawkeye's picture

First timer for the Fling. 50km. Should be fun!

Would 2 water bottles be enough? 1 in frame cage, one in Jersey?

Trying to get away without using the Camelbak.

Discodan's picture

you've got three hours racing so at least 3 bidons required based on weather. If you top them up at Wingello you might get away with it depending on how much you drink. I made the mistake of running out of water on the half flings a few years ago on a hot day and it was not pretty.

Lach's picture

... weather for Bundanoon Sunday week is looking a bit cold and damp Sad

2 bottles with a top up at Wingello should be fine. There are a couple of creeks you could utilise as well if you run short Eye-wink

Early Bath gets a bit interesting if it has been raining as well. It was almost up to my waist one year, and that's pretty deep.......

Brian's picture

Interim start list is up

hawkeye's picture

... damp with a RaRa on the front doesn't sound like a real good combination... will have to find a NN or an Ignitor somewhere in a 29er.

Lach's picture

... there is not much tight stuff in the 50. Regardless of the weather you are best off with a good rolling tyre. It all drains pretty well, so damp is grippy much more than sloppy. It has a bit of everything, but mostly it's dirt road / fire trail / two wheel track. I'll be leaving the Rubena Kratos on the front, but have had no problems doing the 50 with Kenda Small Block 8's.

hawkeye's picture

Cheers Lach

@Dan, a funny thing I find is I sweat less, feel cooler and go through less fluid riding bareback. I might take a bag with some hydration drink powder and top up at one of the stops.

Is there an option to leave a premixed bottle at one of the stops?

andyfev's picture

I originally had aspirations of a sub 3hr event for the half fling but life being life the training hasn't, well erm, hasn't gone to plan. From reading the posts from Antsonline and others I've worked out a new goal. Need to be across the line before the first 100km elite so I reckon I've got 4 hrs to be safe.

Sad to think that I'll be absolutely destroyed after 4 hours and 50k's yet a truck load of elite riders will be hot on my heals after double the distance and a shed load more climbing!

Still, however tired I am l'll still have a smile on my face at the end - but may require first aid to continue normal bodily functions such as breathing and cardiovascular output Eye-wink

Hoping to enjoy my first Fling (with the blessing from the Minister too!)

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