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2013 Highland Fling

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By Brian - Posted on 01 July 2013

Sunday, 10 November, 2013 (All day)

The meeting times are 'ready to ride'. If you need time to prepare equipment then please arrive a few minutes earlier.

Come Rain or Shine: 
I'll be there, no matter what the weather.
Ride Database Entry: 
Penrose State Forest
Ride Database Entry: 
Wingello State Forest
Meeting Point: 

Quarry and Ferndale Road, Bundanoon, New South Wales

Show on Google maps: Meeting point. Login or register to get directions.

Do the Full Fling (approx 110km), the Half Fling (approx 55km), the relay Flinging Threesome or take on the even bigger challenge of the 100Mile Fling

There is also the Casual Fling, a 14km Participation (untimed) Ride for those not feeling up to taking on the races above. An opportunity for those new to mountain biking or those less fit than they’d like to be, to get on a bike at the Fling.

The main racing is on Sunday 10th November but there’s plenty happening on Saturday 9th too including the Rolloff World Championships, the Bundanoon Dash, (including The Battle of The Businesses) a fundraising 6km ‘sprint’ race (it’s not compulsory!) along with entertainment, food & drink, gear displays, demos, Kids MTB Skills Course and more.

Who's in?
Lach, GAZZA, jp, Steve 01, Damien, nh, Volker, garyinoz, hawkeye, Brian, CB, trailburner, davidren, Blades_Utd, obmal, MY Racing 221, Dicko, Medigger, doc, Fatboy, twotommos, sly_artichoke, beetle, stephen, pommyracer, Tristania, Discodan, andyfev, Pete B, Jonny, xmas, ChookLegsMonkeyBoy (32 riders)
Lach GAZZA jp Steve 01 Damien nh Volker garyinoz hawkeye Brian CB trailburner davidren Blades_Utd obmal MY Racing 221 Dicko Medigger doc Fatboy twotommos sly_artichoke beetle stephen pommyracer Tristania Discodan andyfev Pete B Jonny xmas ChookLegsMonkeyBoy
What Happened?

Blog entries about this meeting (as this is a race standings and times are shown, click on the title for more and to comment)...

Who Title Status Time Pos.Gen. Category Pos.Cat.
Jonny First Fling; good post injury ride!! Finished 02:45:29 47 Half/Male/Veterans 18
jp Coldest wettest and funnest fling Finished 02:47:46 52 Half/Male/Masters 12
Pete B First time Fling Finished 02:55:17 80 Half/Male/Veterans 29
pommyracer Another (small) step in the right direction Finished 03:08:13 157 Half/Male/Veterans 60
Lach Fling'n Fun Finished 03:32:11 284 Half/Male/Super Masters 37
andyfev Flung by the Fling! Finished 03:40:11 328 Half/Male/Veterans 92
hawkeye Fling 2013 - Death by Cramps Finished 03:53:55 Half/Male/Super Masters 54
all74 First time Halfling Finished 04:15:16 522 Half/Male/Masters 182
Antsonline The Fling was Flung... Finished 04:34:05 11 Full/Male/Elite 11
Tristania Flung to my limits but finished on a high(land)! Finished 04:50:17 27 Full/Male/Open 1
Chitts 2013 Highland Fling - Done and Dusted Finished 04:59:24 35 Full/Male/Veterans 10
Dicko SXC 'Fling' Racing Finished 05:01:41 40 Full/Male/Masters 4
Brian 2013 Highland Fling Finished 05:04:38 41 Full/Male/Veterans 14
GAZZA Not a bad Fling! Finished 05:05:12 42 Full/Male/Masters 5
stephen Flinging Single Speed Finished 05:14:23 59 Full/Singlespeed 2
doc 2013 Highland Fling Finished 05:16:51 66 Full/Male/Masters 8
Blades_Utd Tough old day at the Fling Finished 05:22:58 Full/Male/Veterans 33
garyinoz Tough time at the Fling Finished 06:02:29 170 Full/Male/Masters 49
Discodan First Full Fling Finished 06:31:15 251 Full/Male/Masters 92
Fatboy Disappointing Fling Finished 06:36:24 Full/Male/Masters 103
obmal Somedays you eat the bear, somedays the bear eats you. Did not finish 100mile/Male

Were you there and have a story to tell?

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Tristania's picture

Well I finally relented from study study study that's been eating me over the past months and signed up for the Full despite having an exam at 9:30am the next morning - like they're trying to punish me! So looks like a killer weekend ahead of me trying to mix heavy training with heavy study. Jason E told me he'd be marking HSC exams then and he's still doing it so I don't really have much defense Eye-wink

See you all there, I'm looking forward to my first 'Fling, hopefully the damp weather doesn't affect things too much but the predicted high of 17 is MUCH better than this Sunday's prediction of 34! Train hard; I know I will!

jp's picture

That's great news Tristan, looking forward to seeing you on the podium Sunday afternoon!

I did my last big training ride this morning, now planning easier rides for the next week. I fell pretty hard off the edge of one of the boardwalk sections at OMV, so a little bruised and sore now but nothing broken. Murphy's law - I've ridden it a hundred times without a problem and I crash one week out from the Fling.

obmal's picture

I think two bottles will be fine, two bottles to Wingello and then fill up, last section should take around 2 hours, so if you start last stage with 2 full bottles you should be OK.

kitttheknightrider's picture

unless the one in the cage gets bounced out and you don't get it back.

Lach's picture

.. re leaving a bottle or two at Wingello. You can get up early and position stuff at Wingello or arrange for support crew to be there, but I don't think they facilitate the process by running a drop-off service (except maybe for elites?). I haven't downloaded the full rider briefing yet, but there's probably something in there about it.....

Brian's picture

No bottle drops for the 50 as they don't have an elite category

Jonny's picture


I've just changed from the 100 to the 50km as I had a pretty bad stack last weekend and haven't ridden last week and still have stitches in my chin and no skin on my shoulder (I thought 50 was probably a more sensible option!)

I was going through the same bottle / camelback debate! I've always raced with a 3litre camelback; but on a 100k race I usually only get through 2 - 2.5 litres. At the Jet black 12 I only got through 5 litres in the 12 hours. I think it depends on what is in your bottle as to how much you drink. Anyway, I've been training with bottles recently and given my change to the 50 I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to race on them for the first time. I'm taking 2; one on the frame and one in the jersey. I'm pretty sure i will have enough for 3 hours racing, but will pop a ziplock bag of powder in too in case I need to refill half way through.

My only concern is ease of access - the camelback is so easy to drink out of at any time, whereas bottles require more careful selection of terrain to ensure one handed riding is doable!

Looking forward to loosing the camelback - I reckon it adds a good 30 seconds on average to a lap of the dam due to extra weight, higher centre of gravity etc. I also find after 3+ hrs I can get lower back pain with the camelback.


hawkeye's picture

@Jonny: I went bareback for the Mont for the first time this year and it made a big difference.

I use bottles for carbs anyway, as putting them in the Camelbak makes the bladder go very gross very quickly, and that gets expensive. It's just a matter of how easy they are to get to on your bike. It's a bit harder on the Scalpel compared to the Rize as it's lower down and cramped a bit by the shock, but I'm getting the hang of it.

Have to say I don't understand some US manufacturers (Ellsworth and others) not allowing for bottles inside the front triangle on 4" travel 29ers. Under the downtube doesn't work, unless you like horse poo in your diet. Sad Anyway, that's another debate for another thread. Smiling

Given this race is supposed to be mostly fire road / double track I think we'll be fine.

hawkeye's picture

Sorry, another really dumb question:

What's the story with accommodation? Can you pitch a tent near the event site like you can at the Mont? Nothing mentioned about it on the Wild Horizons website.

Edit: never mind: found it.

Antsonline's picture

In case any of you are interested, I put together a short 'form guide' for the races main contenders - which includes a dark horse that has all the Elite men VERY worried..

I always find a 'runners and riders' guide helps to build a bit of anticipation and excitement....

jp's picture

Nice form guide Anthony.

Pete B's picture

Dare we mention it yet?

obmal's picture

uuummmmmm... you just did?

We all now hold you personally responsible.

on a totally unrelated topic.. I need a live chicken and some incense sticks.. anyone?

Pete B's picture

I never offered any type of forecast though, so that doesn't count. Eye-wink

GAZZA's picture

We can't complain about the Fling being a wet boggy race every year.
I guess a wet Fling was about due really.
Unless its torrential, I can't see it being too much of a S&;T fight?
Apart from it being uncomfortable to ride in, the trails shouldn't be too bad should they??????

obmal's picture

We had a big dump of RA.. the day before a few years back, it actually made for a very nice track.

The trials down there seem to drain very well anyways.

I'm liking the low temp prediction, I mean a +35c Wingello loop would be fun (type2 fun) but I'd prefer to be looking for the arm warmers sunday morning than worrying that 2 bottles won't be enough fluids to get me between checkpoints?

Brian's picture

Start list with plate numbers are up

Volker's picture

Hi, I am registered for the Half Fling and would be grateful for a lift. I am in Lidcombe, which should be roughly pass through for many other suburbs.

Let me know!


hawkeye's picture

... if you don't mind sharing fuel costs.

Mounting bikes on roofs makes cars thirsty! Smiling

Volker's picture

Sounds good. I sent you a PM.


Brian's picture

Still looking pretty crap for Sunday. Cold, wet and very windy Sad

Lach's picture

.. maybe this is the year the luck runs out. And maybe Huw makes wearing or carting the rain jacket compulsory for the first time.... (see Rule 13).
Anyone ever been asked to produce their whistle?

Brian's picture

I've always carried a whistle

craked's picture

Brian, why does that not surprise me?! Eye-wink

obmal's picture

but its not going to rain.. why all this talk of jackets and wet lube?

I'm packing my dry lube and leaving the umbrella at home.

Jonny's picture

Just got an email saying they will be enforcing the rule that requires everyone to carry a waterproof jacket

Can you carry a cheap disposable poncho type thing? I think that is the smallest and lightest option. Not too keen to lug around a full gore-text jacket that in all reality won't be worn even if it does rain!

Lach's picture

... the intent, as I understand it, is not so you've got something to sweat inside while you are riding, but it's more in case you stack or have a mechanical and are out in the wilds in cold, damp weather with just a lycra jersey to keep hypothermia at bay while you wait for help or walk it out.

But maybe you should send an e mail to Wild Horizons. Huw can have some pretty set views on things....

jp's picture

I think you're right Lach - that's the reason. I'm taking a $5 disposable rain poncho - small, light and certainly better than nothing if you do get stranded out there in the rain.

But after studying the synoptic charts I'm staying optimistic about the weather conditions - I'm sure there will be rain around but I don't think it will be heavy enough to cause major problems. And let's face it, we didn't choose MTB racing because we're soft, did we?!

I'm heading down tomorrow afternoon so if I a get 3G signal I'll post some live weather updates.

See everyone down there, and best of luck to all NobMobbers.

Brian's picture

Like it has been said. You can't race in water resistant jacket as it becomes a sauna. Wearing layers is far better

Jonny's picture

Seems like an odd rule, most adventure races I've done ask you to carry a foil blanket in case of hypothermia etc - seems like it would be more effective, cheaper, and easier to carry than a jacket.

Oh well, jackets it is then. Heading down with the family tomorrow arvo. Hopefully see some of you down there!

Discodan's picture

I bought a Gore-Tex Active cycle jacket a while ago which is a lot more breathable than normal Gore-Tex, it might be a good chance to test it in anger as see how it goes in a race Smiling

hawkeye's picture

... that is the riders race documentation package, I'm not sure using the word "disposable" would be a good idea! Sticking out tongue

jp's picture

Well I've just woken up here in Bundanoon and it's a beautiful morning - partly cloudy but I can see blue sky. We had a bit of wind and rain last night but it's calmed right down. Should be a great day for the dash, Rolloff etc .

I'm off for a ride with the family around Morton NP... As soon as I can get them up !

jp's picture

Blue skies, a fantastic day down here.

Brian's picture

Sounds like its shaping up to be an awesome weekend. Can't wait to get down there.

Lach's picture

... see if you can keep it that way eh? At least until Sunday arvo..... Smiling

Jonny's picture

We are staying in kangaroo valley for the weekend - 35+ here at the moment and blue skies! Hopefully the rain is coming later than forecast and it will stay dry tomorrow morning.
See you there tomorrow!

andyfev's picture

Anyone got any info on rain jacket? Would they accept a poncho?

andyfev's picture

I just spoke with Wild Horizons regarding rain jacket... Poncho is ok as long as you have a base layer on or can show you have some warm dry clothes in the event of an accident. They're concerned about hypothermia due to low predicted low temps

They want riders to carry a whistle too

Jonny's picture

Just done rego - no mention of rain jackets or whistles. Not sure how they are going to enforce it as I suspect many people won't have either, and unless they do spot checks tomorrow morning they wouldn't know.

At rego they did give you a fire lighting flint tool which had a whistle on it. Though I doubt anyone would think to carry it tomorrow.

I'll be carry both though I'm sure I'll be in the minority.

Scottboy's picture

From Facebook comments there is a wet start for the start , stay upright ppl and have fun .

andyfev's picture

T'was wet, cold and windy. I spent most of my time in the hurt box.

Great organisation and a big shout out to all the volunteers who gave up their day to let us ride their hills safely

jp's picture

Are the results online anywhere yet?

Brian's picture
obmal's picture

I concur.. as I sit here nursing a tennis ball sized lump on my hip and various scrapes and bruises.. I was a DNF in the 100Mile, bailed on the second shimano loop and limped home through the full fling
it was indeed a cold wet and slippery race.
back next year? you bet!

teeps's picture

For a cold cold wet start the socialist rider in me said "don't do it" but in the end I am quite glad I did. Finished the half fling in unspectacular fashion but felt like it was a lot of fun. Will most probably be back next year. Now if only I could get a 50km even happening monthly it would be like I was training.

Pete B's picture
Lach's picture

Anyone been able to get their little freebie flint to throw a spark? Any tips????

hawkeye's picture

Theres some sort of coating on it. Once thats off ... look out! Smiling

Brian's picture

After just finishing a mass clean up I must say I prefer hot, dry and dusty races

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