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Wanted: Anyone have an old cycling computer?

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By Tristania - Posted on 03 July 2013


My computer on my new mountain bike is goofed ATM. Having a GPS phone I can get GPXs for my rides but obviously cannot see the current speed and distance (which I thrive on in a race). In a Garmin age which everone seems to have (I have no want or need for one with my current budget), I thought I‘d see if any NoBMoBbers were willing to give/sell me their old mechanisms that are now probably sitting around gathering dust instead of kms, as I am still surprised at the high cost of ones in stores.

$20 is just a guide feel “free“ to put it at more or less.

Hope some kind soul can help!

Regards, Tristan

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Why don't you download the Strava app for your phone and get a handlebar mount? Look on ebay for handle bar mounts but I'd recommend getting an Otterbox defender case if they do one for your phone and cable tying the belt holder to your stem as these cases are bullit proof and your phone WILL survive if you stack it - I can vouch for this!

I run my phone and garmin and the results aren't too far different. With the Strava phone app you can see current segments, speed, distance, metres climbed and if you've got an iphone 4s or iphone 5, you can get a HRM to connect too. You can also swipe screens to the map screen so as long as you have signal, it will trace a route on google maps, if there's no signal it waits until you do have one and uploads your coordinates for the trace. It's like having a Garmin 810 for nothing lol

And that's the end of my Strava app plug! ha ha

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Specialized wireless computer.
Let me check how much its worth and ill try to do you a deal.

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Thanks for checking, and let me know what you'd be keen to do.

And @ Pete, thanks for the rant, I'm perfectly happy with the computer as all I want is distance & speed (the rest I have at the end when I check the phone). I've just downloaded Strava which I am getting the hang of ATM anyway. I have an android but will see if I can download the Strava app anyway as I may as well!

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... is that the GPS sucks the life out of your battery very quickly. Rides longer than 2.5 hours generally see you with a flat phone battery.

I like to have my phone available should something go wrong. Given that we're often in remote locations away from other people, I think that's kinda prudent. My Garmin will do 14 hours straight, and leave my phone battery untouched.

Tristan, I have an old wired computer you can have, complete with cadence sensor if your interested. The mount is a little cosmetically challenged, but only if you look closely, and it still functions well.

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I also have an Android (Galaxy S3) and can confirm the app works the same on both O.S. Even if you don't use the phone app for tracking your rides, it's good for something to keep you occupied during your lunch breaks Smiling

Battery life can be massively extended by changing the screen brightness right down, changing the screen time out to it's minimum and turning all things like bluetooth etc off.

Keep an eye out on ebay for people selling Garmin 500's as they upgrade to the new 510, there may be a few bargains out there.

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Should be able to get my hands on a Garmin at some stage.... I know they're the norm at present, but I‘ll get it because I want one, not because they are the norm! Basically all I want now is something that'll tell me how fast I'm going and the distance travelled; don't need to complicate things!
@Hawkeye, thanks for the offer something like that sounds good, we‘ll do an OMV ride on our respective new machines and you can give it to me then. A cadence monitor sounds good, haven't used one before but know it'd be beneficial.

Thanks for the advice!


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I have a wired cateye that should suit your needs. Free, but needs a new battery ($3.50 from bunnings)

FYI. I thought I only needed a wired computer at first (many years ago)
Then I realised it was much easier to service my bike with a wireless, not to mention less hassle. So I needed one of those.
Then I realised cadence was important. So I needed a new computer to suit.
Then my friends introduced me to strava. So I needed to download that.
Then my friends started creating segments and being competitive. They told me a Garmin shaves off a second vis a vis the GPS on your smartphone. So I needed to buy a Garmin 510.

Moral of the story, it's best to have non competitive Luddites as your riding buddies. Either that or start scouting for a cheap Garmin, because you're going to need it. You just don't know it yet Smiling

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