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southern sydney dh

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By wonga - Posted on 04 July 2013

hi does anyone know if the menai downhill track is still rideable and how i may find it? or point me in the direction of any good places down south as i just moved here and am keen to find some good dh.

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Don't bother mate, it's trashed. I took a walk around there a little while back and since the braniacs barred mountan bikes, the motos have gone nuts and torn the place to shreds. It's a mess. Since the ban, people are dumping more rubbish than ever. There are ruts from the motos a metre deep in some places, all the jumps & north shore stuff is gone, parts of the trail are overgrown and have pretty much disappeared. They come down hard on mtb riders and then doing nothing about the motos who are responsible for doing all the damage. Go figure. Even the approved trail that is currently being built is being ruined by motos riding it before it can even be finished.

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