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Federal grant for Thredbo MTB tracks

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do the same thing at perisher!!Only options up here are fire trails....

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In my job I have contact with a person who oversees the management of 2 accom/resorts down there-will see what they think??

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.. but lacks critical mass at the moment. The last summer I was down there, the only things open were the pub and the little shop at the Skitube and a cafe just up the road to Charlotte's Pass. It is like a ghost town half the time.

Thredbo has bars, restaurants, sled rides, golf, tennis, fishing, a working chairlift, marked trails for riders and walkers, fuel, aquatic centre, AIS training centre, better range of accommodation.

Dunno if the Packers still have control of the commercial leases at Perisher, but I can't see them, the Government or anyone else putting in a whole bunch of money into mtb stuff up there while Thredbo is going gangbusters. Maybe once the summer lift queues in Thredbo start getting too long?

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Fantastic news, one place to ski and mtb a bit of XC, that's my idea of heaven.

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about the village theyre going to build down here but at this point thats all it is unfortunately.i run a lodge in perisher and would love to be able to do the summer here but its not financially viable.noone wants to have to drive all the way from here to thredbo or jindy to ride.....

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I disagree bikemad, I think if Thredbo build a number of trails for all levels then they will get heaps of business!

Thredbo has always only had one DH track but last season they opened up a flow track and they doubled the number of people that rode a Thredbo.

I usually do 3-4 trips to Thredbo with friends every year just to ride. I am heading to Whistler for 3weeks in August and New Zealand later this year. Most of my friends travel overseas to ride.

If Thredbo uses this money to create a mini Whistler style bike park then people will happily drive!

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Bikemad means no-one will want to stay at Perisher and have to drive to Thredbo to ride, they'll stay at Thredbo or Jindy. Perisher won't build a summer village without the summer attractions to make people want to stay there and won't build the bike tracks without a summer village. That and NP keep getting in the way.

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Remarked that Thredbo is already set up for summer activities whereas Perisher during summer is lucky to have those places open which were mentioned in an above post!-they wish Perisher would get it together!

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