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Lake Jindy trail in winter

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By jbsp1 - Posted on 12 July 2013

Is it possible to ride Lake Jindy trail or any other around Jindy through the winter?

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I ride the Lake Jindy Trails in winter and if the sun is shining its great. DEFINITELY take your bike and go visit the Sacred Ride Bike Shop (up near the cop shop)

Last year I also rode the Lake Crackenback trails on a rest day, it started snowing halfway around. It might be worth checking in with the activities centre at Lake Crackenback Resort and Spa before riding tho. They also have a skills park that may or may not be open.

Bungara Alpine Centre trails are closed for the winter.

Here are some vids I shot in winter last season.

Mill Creek Trails (Tyrolean Village to Jindabyne Dam)

Lake Crackenback (16mins the snow started coming down)

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And its in great shape just abit slippery in the shady patches were the frost settles.I rode up around island bend yesterday(to many people at perisher in the hols)and that was fun to just followed little animal paths around the place.

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Much appreciated, will definitely be taking bike now. Great videos, looking forward to it....cheers

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here,if its not a powder day ill come down for a lap or 2!

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No probs Matt, not going down to Jindy until half way through August. Off to Hawaii next week for a few weeks. So will be going from one extreme to another.

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