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For Sale: Front Mech, cranks - XX, XT

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By ido09s - Posted on 14 July 2013

Evening all

Have several items i need to sell or swap

First up is a used but in excellent condition Shimano XT FD-M771 2 x 10 Direct mount front dérailleur. As new with little use. Asking $50 posted Australia wide

Second is a brand new XX direct mount, bottom pull, series 3 front dérailleur to suit 42/29 chain rings. Asking $100 posted Australia wide

Third is a set of XX canks. GXP, 170mm, 156 Q factor, 42/29 chain rings. These are almost new. They have probably done 300 klms tops, most of which was on the M7 cycle path. No good to me as they dont fit the SB95, wrong Q factor. $275 posted Australia wide

Fourth is a set of average condition XX cranks, 170mm, GXP, 156 Q factor, 39/26 chain rings. Apparently used for one season, klms unknown. I only bought these the other day but again they dont fit the SB95 due to wrong Q factor $115 posted Australia wide.

Alternatively i need a set of XX cranks, 170mm, must be 166 Q factor with 39/26 chain rings. Would prefer to swap with an item above but am willing to pay cash

All items in Sydney

Contact via email please as its easier -


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