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New Vapour Trail at Stromlo

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By amarkie - Posted on 17 July 2013

Has anyone ridden the new Vapour Trail at Stromlo, can you describe what its like, do you have a video?

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Is this the trail that runs off the left Skyline a little way down? With the start being on raised plastic structures?

If so, I rode that a few weeks ago when I went down to escape the Sydney Rain Smiling Good fun addition. More technical than Skyline + Luge, rougher, but more "organic" (or perhaps, that was just because it was very new Eye-wink ). It got us down to the a firetrail link and into another trail, that eventually got us to Wombat Junction. From there we took Willos Link (another new line) out to Party Line, Dingos then Ringtail (I think) back to Wombat Junction.

Good addition to a loop I reckon!

If it's not that trail, then just forget everything I said! Eye-wink

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Within minutes of me posting that question on NoBMob this video started doing the rounds on Twitter Laughing out loud

It appears to share the bottom half of the DH from somewhere above the bridge, at least from the Fire Trail crossing.

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So No .. not this trail .. (Im not sure what that one is called either)

Its this epic sweetness

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Buuurrmmmmmzzzzzz... Drooling for that! Can't wait to ride it next week when I'm down there!

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You doing the Flow Rollercoaster? So tempting. It's my goal for next year.

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Yep, I'm heading down for the Rollercoaster Race. The series so far has been a blast, good fun in a relaxed setting Smiling Checked out the majority of the trails a few weeks ago, except for the Double Dissolution section, as I discovered at the top of the hill that my rear derailleur cable was hanging on by 3 strands!

Made it through the sections I mentioned above, but didn't want to hit anything too rough as it's a long walk back from that end!

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Double Dissolution is fun. Here's my first run from a few weeks ago (full length)

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Good god man jeebus
how good is that S bend berm action
makes me want to get out my shovel , bike, and shlong, all at the same time lol
That is trail porn at it's finest

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Don't be fooled Bloot, both of those pics are clearly just a diorama.

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