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advances in tubeless tyres

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By Funkychicken - Posted on 22 July 2013

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Usually sinks without a trace.

There are some airless road tyres about that ive seen reviewed on BNA that are close to practical that have a foam rubber core. They come in different densities according to rider weight. But they're still heavy, don't grip as well and are prone to getting cut up. Mounting and removing is also, erm, unique.

For mtb I like having the option of tuning tyre pressures if needed. I've only flatted once with tubeless.

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I saw these a few years ago & they've made zero impact on the market since then.
If I remember correctly they were criticized for lack of grip & filling with stones as well as the obvious lack of adjustability.

While I'm all for advances in technology there are many "Inventors" out there who are only interested in the $ & probably don't even ride.

Personally I'm keenly awaiting a good gearbox bottom bracket & efficient shaft drive:-)

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Yeah wish innovates would leave wheel sizes and tyres, head set size, bar width.... and get a light, efficient gear box sorted first.

G-boxx hinted at so much promise 10 years ago...

Pinion looked to be on the right track...

Seems the big 2 make more money out of selling replacement derailleurs and it's easier to change wheel size to sell bike loaded people on a new bike

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Interesting links there mate, a few there that I'd never heard of before.
The Pinion system looks neat.

An odd thing though, even the best mtb innovations (Discs & suspension imho) initially had a lot of scepticism & neigh-sayers so it cant be easy getting a big project off of the ground.

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