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MTB Helmet advice

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By gusgusset - Posted on 25 July 2013

Hey Crew,
New to the sport around 6 month and have had a crappy Bell helmet bought from Anaconda. Can anyone recommend a good brain bucket under say $100. Or is it really worth spending more?

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nothing crappy about a Bell Helmet.
I currently have a Bell sweep & Giro Savant.

The Savant can be had from Bikebug for $99

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Thanks for your input.
I was not meaning to slagging off Bell. By " crappy "I was meaning cheap in price !

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Helmets sold in Australia must comply to the Aust Standard and have a sticker inside the helmet confirming this. The difference in price is more about weight and ventilation so best tip is find one that fits your head snugly and at your price point. You can't go wrong.

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well....what if he buys it on the internet? from an overseas website?

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Then it is unlikely to be compliant.

Should the unthinkable happen and he need to make an insurance claim you can be sure the insurance company weasels will use that as an excuse to reduce what compensation they pay.

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Specialized run a trade in deal sometimes that makes their helmets 1/2 price.
Great way to get a upgrade to an S Works helmet at a bargain price.
Not sure when they run it though.

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In theory you only need an Aust Std helmet if you are riding on roads, pathways etc. Not sure if they get checked at races like in some motorsport events but I doubt it.

If buying overseas most countries will have some form of certification. Ask what it is then verify if its any good.

If you wait for the next 50% off sale at annaconda you'll be set. Another option is there's always lots for sale on gumtree. Just need to be sure it hasnt been damaged.

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Find your local Specialized dealer take your old lid in and get a helmet at a good deal.
I was in my local dealer a few weeks ago and helmets were only a hundred bucks

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At some races I have been to, they do get checked.
I would say that this was limited to the guys on the front row of the grid of an Elite field in a very big race.

However, the insurance point is key - they will weasel / wont pay. Even if its exactly the same model. So - buy your Giro Atmos on Wiggle and its a big risk. Buy it locally, and you're safe.

Not worth the risk in my opinion. Both will save your head equally though - they are the same helmet.

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Great helmet...bought one...I was that impressed I bought another one in case some miserable bastard pinched the first one !!

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Bell helmets have been pretty average since they moved production to Asia, they had some great fitting helmets but now none feel right on my noggin, I had on a couple of years ago but a small crash saw it crack and I was glad to throw it out. I also have a Lazer but it is crap!

Under $100, I'd take a look at Limar, I think they fit really well and seem to be made to a good standard for the price.

I go through a few helmets but I have a Fox Flux and find it pretty good, well, after modifying the straps so they are the same as what the rest of the world gets.

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If you just stretch that $100 a bit further you'll get an awesome helmet. In reality buy the best one you can afford and hope you never have to rely on it

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I bought a helmet today. I tried about six different ones, some feel more comfortable than others. I suggest you try them before you buy. I ended up with a Giro Atmos.

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Nah finished on the end of June.
The frustrating thing is I went down mid june and they had limited stock they kindly ordered one in for me and now after 4 weeks I'm told there's no stock.

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Get one locally that fits well. The best fitting one I've had, and currently have, is a Specialized Propero II

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Try first, that's what shops are for as well! Personally 80% of the helmet I've tried on, won't fit my Picasso brain skull.

I had before (and still use it to commute) a Specialized Echellon; more for the road, but great fit and just on your budget.

I've recently change for an Urge All-M, which is unfortunately not distributed in Australia (but they do in NZ… heum); so this mean they don't have the Aust Standard sticker inside.
Anyway, Hawkeye is right… and if you have a serious crash, it can be expensive at the end. But f** it, this helmet looked too good, so I've been patient until my latest trip to Paris where I could tried it on, and I've bought it. I have no fear that my non Australian Standard is going to let me down… I guess EU Standard where quite inspiring to ours?

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You can go to BigW, Target, even the Reject shop and buy an Australian standard helmet for less than $20 dollars. I know they are supposed to test these $20 dollar helmets the same as a $200 dollar helmet. Would I risk my head in a $20 Barbie helmet, because it has an Australian standard stick. No chance in hell. Wouldn't put my kids in one either. Are our standards better or worse than European or American? Alot of Australian standards are word for the same as the European standards. As we don't have the time or money to write and approve our own standards. The current standard is and Australian and New Zealand combination.
Are you covered if you crash with a camera or light attached to your helmet. Simple answer is NO, even if the helmet is AS approved.Acessories aren't included in the standard. I reckon most helmet manufactures would reject the claim as well. I know there are some helmets ie Kali that have accessory mounts built in i guess these would be overed.
For me +1 for me Fox Flux, also have a Kali, but prefer the Flux, more mateial the better around by melon.

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I brought my 661 recon helmet with me from the UK, great helmet but I guess insurance wouldn't cover that as I brought it with me.

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I brought my 661 recon helmet with me from the UK, great helmet but I guess insurance wouldn't cover that as I brought it with me.

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Specialized Tactic - meets the style and price hurdles.

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757 for sale if you want.
Ill give you it for the same as the overseas shops but this one has an Aussie standards sticker.
It's a large size.

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"In theory you only need an Aust Std helmet if you are riding on roads, pathways etc. Not sure if they get checked at races like in some motorsport events but I doubt it. "

At National level they do. I've seen commissiares check at club and state level DH too.
Haven't trolled through the current tech regs but the old rule was Australian standard or equivalent international standard.

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Specialized Tactic - meets the style and price hurdles.

I didn't think it was possible - a Specialized helmet that isn't ugly!

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Met Chaos. Bikeforce Joondalup & Pushys were doing them for around $70.
I've noticed loads of people riding in the bright blue one that I have.

Light, good venting, a good fit & looks ok, it oes it for me!

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Nice & light you wouldnt know it was on your head , I have one for the roadie too .

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Hey Gazza ,
What colour is it and how much you want?

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Find me the best Internet deal from overseas and ill match it. You get the same helmet but with an Aussie standards sticker.

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