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By Rob - Posted on 04 February 2008

Someone was asking about slicks for their bike the other day. Something to do with a wind trainer? Mumble-Rain.

Anyhow, lookie here at what's in this week's T7 mail for a tenner:

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I got 1 of these for a wind trainer re injury. They have that cheap rubber smell and couldn't seem to fit it to my rim too well- not that I tried that hard. For a wind trainer, they are exactly what you want tho.

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Have you been hanging out with Gaz? I mean just look at his profile shot will you.

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its only one step away from the infamous one of yourself stu.

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you posted yourself. THAT pic of me is the way either George or Mildred sees me in their dreams. Don't know if I should be flattered or horrified as neither of you are prepared to stand behind your handy work and take ownership Eye-wink

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in that profile pic Stu. It's understandable that George and Mildred still like to think of you as that virile hunk of beefcake. But there's no shame in growing old disgracefully.

Stuart M's picture

a full head or hair Eye-wink

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