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Do you have a video of the Heath / Bare Creek Single Track?

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By amarkie - Posted on 30 July 2013

Hi Guys

Does anyone have POV video of the Heath / Bare Creek Single Track?

How would you compare it to other single track descents in the area?



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Didn't think we were supposed to ride down there any more....

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Really, still on the NoBMob maps?

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Don't no for the life of me how i would put it up on the forum thou. Basically its not bad, theres a bit of technical decent in the loop, theres a bit of technical climb and theres some flat flowy-ish section but if you vere left towards the middle of the loop theres a very technical decent onto the bottom of heath (which i think might be off limits).

Its defiantly worth doing, a nice reward for the climb up heath then a blazing fast decent down heath after a few laps of the sniggle loop, whenever i ride cascades i do it.

Hope this helps.


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If it's the one off Ralston Ave, enjoy it while its there. That whole area the loop is on is subject to a DA and will be bulldozed, flogged off and built on.

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... there have definitely been efforts by NPWS to fence off the bottom end where it joined back onto the Bare Ck track (it was in fact the original Heath Track, but had fallen into disuse before being re-opened by mtb riders). It was pretty techy and needed to be pruned by a taller person last time I went down there (a few years ago now), but maybe the top end is outside the park and hence not verboten?

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most of it is legal. the very bottom is in the national park but you can rejoin bare creek track before that. I spoke to the ranger some time ago and that was what I was told.

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Simply upload yo YouTube then paste the link into the forum response ... it automagically does it for you.

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Good to know cheers

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