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2013 giant reign 1

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By badchef - Posted on 06 August 2013

NB: Originally posted elsewhere on the Global Riders Network and appears via syndication.

chasing any positive or negative feedback on this bike,would like to buy one but stock is limited

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great bike provided its used for its intended purpose.

only drawback you will have is the OD2. if you want to change the stem length. The top part of the steerer is an unusual size. but if its good size for you nothing to worry about.

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It's a great bike, I've improved so much on it since I got it. Handles just about everything i've thrown at it, and i'm pretty sure the bike is much stronger than me. I'm new to dual suspension/tuning in general and am having problems getting a suspension tune that doesn't bottom out too much, not sure if it's me or the shock tbh Sticking out tongue Other than that, the bike is quite confidence inspiring. I don't use the talas as much as i thought I would, but it really does make a difference if you know you are about to be up against a mega climb. I've also had a high amount of pinch flats that could be related to the seams on the e540 rims, I will go tubeless, but right now having to run at about 38 psi to avoid pinching.

Overall, I would recommend. The trance sx coming next year does look very nice though is a bit of an unknown quantity and i'm a bit unsure that a 1x10 on the alloy framed version would be suitable for sydneys very hilly nature.

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Had a Reign... Mates have had them. Do just about anything.

Was at teh Goat farm for Round 2 of the state Downhill hil Champs and soem crazy bastard was racing a stock one. He made it into the top 20 with it.

Bit steeper in teh steering than your Reign X but heaps lighter and will pedal all day without complaint

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i currently own a 2007 reign 0 and a 2006 reign (converted to a reign x) so am fairly familiar with the bike,have ridden a stock 2010 reign one and was very impressed with how much better it was than my reign 0, was hoping to get a new one for around $2400, but pretty much sold out around oz,was more interested in the components,chain guide,wheels talas etc, and frame stiffness ,responsiveness..since i cant get a 2013 reign other bikes in my price range are remedy 8,la pierre zesty 214, maybe specialized evo comp,sux being on a budget,any info from riders with these bikes would be appreciated, cheers

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Sell the lot and and get an Enduro... You won't look back.

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yep, other mates have said the same, financially it makes perfect sense , but all those memories!!!! first huck..followed by my first stack..ahhh the memories, countless cartwheels we've shared together...hmmmm brings a tear

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Great bike. I currently own a Reign 1 2013 and it's great. I should probably hat tip Brad at Turra for the good sale and service.

Fantastic specs, good do-it-all bike, and great price. Get one if you plan on doing all-mountain riding. The only thing I changed on mine was to ditch the stock tubed racing ralph tyres and replaced with tubeless Minion F and Highroller R. In my opinion, and for most of the riding I currently do, it is the perfect steed.

Lastly, I waited 5 weeks for mine. Hope you are a patient man!

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well no lbs around perth has a reign 1, but there is a reign 2 available, shit colour and average spec, but i have a few goodies around the house i can put onto it , and will have around 600 bucks to spend on upgrades, the only thing really bothering me is the rs monarch shock, hard to find reviews of 2013 shock but reviews from 2012 back say they are unreliable and wallow terribly and blow thru their travel, does anyone currently own this bike or a rs monarch(2013) and able to give their review of this shock???

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Not sure of the logistics sending a bike across the country but as of last week, Bike Addiction in Sydney still had a large 2013 Reign 1 in stock.
I'm currently on a 2011 Reign and it has been a fantastic bike.
Soon to be on sale because I've been given permission to upgrade!
Highly recommend them.

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I also ride a 2011 Reign, first and only MTB I have owned. I struggle with it on technical climbs with tight switchbacks like Rocky Balboa and Lube Me Up, but I know that it partially lack of skills. Everything else in Kalamunda it is awesome on. Took it to Rotorua and now wish I could live there.

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2014 stumpy evo . and enjoy

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A mate had a Reign and had the bottoming out thing going on. The fox spacer kit transformed the bike. I have the same prob with my Pivot and currently waiting for them to come in.

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i think i read in a forum somewhere else that it was possible to put the fox spacers in rs monarch to reduce the volume, going to test the reign 1 tomorrow,hopefully a runch around the carpark will give me an idea how the shock feels, as for a stumpy evo, wish i had the budget, well i'll see how it goes, thanks everyone

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As mentioned in another thread I have sets of the spacers sitting here ready to go if anyone wants them.

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