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By SCAMTB - Posted on 06 August 2013

A conversation between my daughter and I whilst riding to school this morning;

"Ugh, dad my back's sore!"
"Well yesterday I was standing on that bar between the seat and the handlebars and my brakes locked up and I came down and the seat hit me in the back" ;*(
"Wow! I've tumbled down mountainsides, shoulder-barged trees, flipped over handlebars and smacked my head into low branches but I've NEVER hurt myself like THAT before!"
"hmmm, it's a new one."

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How did she lock the brakes? Shocked

Sunday I had a little old lady in a silver golf run right over my foot at a roundabout. Apart from a very mild burning sensation this afternoon when walking in my dress shoes, no damage done. Smiling

Yes, the bike is fine. Thanks for asking. Sticking out tongue

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