Kiwarrak trails

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By rider21 - Posted on 12 August 2013

Hi, Can anyone tell me if the Kiwarrak trails are marked (ie are there ride loops marked with arrows).

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Yes, last time i was up there in June, you had the choc foot race loop marked out.
In opposite direction you had a Red coloured similar loop.

You also have the convict trails marked out via a black ball & chain.
well worth checking these out.
The descent from the top of Tinonne road down the single track was great fun.

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The trails are marked with three different colour arrows, (blue , green and purple if i remember correctly) and last time i was up there they had added another marked as the convict trail which was pretty challenging and a bit hard to follow in some places. All the hype youve heard about these trails are true, some of the most flowing singletrack you will ever ride. Youre gonna have a ball!

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The Chocolate Foot trail is awesome. Flow heaven. (A few laps around there will cure any awkwardness you may have with riding berms lol )

So is the descent from Tinonee Rd as mentioned ... called Son of Skull if I recall correctly. The gap jumps have B lines although one or two are a bit sketchy in that they aren't obvious in that fraction of a second you have to choose your line. Great fun.

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The man made wood obstacles need a little TLC but the rest of it is in good condition.

Only been there the once and tried following the red markers but got off track there for about half an hour ha! I came to a few flowing sections in a gully which needed me to come from the opposite direction so maybe follow the other colour markers.

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Follow the red arrows from opposite the tip entrance car park until you find the chocolate foot trail signs. Choc foot trail is really well marked.

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Sounds like it's definitely worth a visit

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