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2013 Giant Trance Setup / Tyres

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By Dingo24 - Posted on 18 August 2013

NB: Originally posted elsewhere on the Global Riders Network and appears via syndication.


My first post here so apologies if it's in the wrong place.

After six months of trying to setup my 2013 Trance X2 I think I've finally got the setup ok, I've fitted a 80mm stem (I'm 175cms) and screwed around with the seat position so I'm not flying around all over the place. Any general or Trance specific suggestions on adjust rebound etc? I'm 86kg's with gear and run the front shock @ 110 and the rear @ 210.

My second question is about tyres - we're generally riding in Boddington, Turner Hill or Marrinup. The Nobby Nics are ok but seem to slide out on the rear. Crossmark's were recommended by then I've read that they're no good in the wet??

Thanks for any help or recommendations.


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Not too sure what shock your trance runs but 210 psi sounds a bit high. Rear air shock is normally riding weight in pounds and front fork is normally .6 times by your weight then dial in the rebound by riding off a gutter and adjust rebound so it handles the bump without rebounding too fast or too slow.
Crossmarks are a good hardpack fast tyre but will be much worse than your Nobby Nics in the wet,fairly slippery. Hope you sort out everything

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If you are worried about grip on the NN s , don't even think about cross mark s!

Check your NN are evolution pacestar line rather than performance line- there is miles of difference in grip between the compounds. If in doubt dial in more damping on the rear, and less in the front - ie in the front you need fast response over high speed bumpy stuff, but the rear is more about not bouncing back and hitting you in the arse while seated - hence the gutter test.

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with your new bike, you would have gotten instructions on how to set up sag. I know the trance is a bit different to the Anthem but I'm pretty much the same as you. I come in at around 86kg. I have mine set up 85 psi on the front. about 170psi on the rear. with the Anthem x they recomment about 15-20% sag. refer to your manual for your bike. Its more about the sag than the PSI....although they do work together . set it up so the sag is a ceratin percentage of total travel.
looks like here it says 20-30% sag

Nobbly Nick yea I use the evo compound. I've used plenty other types but keep comming back to the NN's But then it also depends what pressure your running & what type of ground youre traveling over. The NN seem to be perfect for the tracks I use. I've set mine up as tubeless as well.

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I always run a Conti up the front ( Mtn King or X-King) and a Crossmark on the back.
UST 2.4 front with a bit of Stans's, and 2.2 LUST Crossmark with a bit of Stan's.

I run this combo (Mtn King/Crossmark) at TH,Marrrinup,Jarrahdale constantly and consistently on my 2011 Trance.....perfect

I run about 240 in back shock and it seems OK but going to try one of magnum9's spacers to see if stops bottoming out.

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Thanks for the help.... she's setup as per Giants advice... but I 'll give the gutter test a crack.

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Run the NN's in reverse on the front. The shoulder knobs are angled the wrong way when you have it leaned over when cornering. Run the conventional way the narrow end points into the slide. Reversing them puts the broader side to work instead. All tyres slide.

I've found this simple change makes the tyre much more predictable ... less inclined to dump you on your collarbone without warning.

I assume you've gone to to tubeless? Try dropping your pressures. What do you weigh?

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I run crossmark at the back and an ardent at the front. Both tubeless. And for my suspension
Running 100 psi with 8 clicks of rebound in the forks and 250 in the back with 9 clicks of rebound. She runs a charm

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I'm running 28psi in both tyres... so maybe 25psi? I'm switching them to Tubeless tomorrow night so we'll say how that works. Riding weight is 85/87kgs.

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Great...I'll give those settings a crack.

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I sometimes run as low as 12 psi...

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it depends on the tyre. as well as a few other things
for example. If you use a propper tubless tyre or say a Tubless ready tyre with of the Schwalbe brand. I find at my local track ( Manly Dam) I need to have about 30 psi on my front. as there is a few serious bumps you hit on a downhill section where if its at say 25 psi....I suffer brown outs. (is that what you call those? where air escapes therough the side of the tyre due to exsessive pressure) For that particular track...If I'm having a go, I make sure I have enough pressure in the front. The rear I can quite easyly go to 25 PSI.

In My case I'm using snake skin Tubless ready. You'll find if you go to the standard tubless ready, you'll perhaps need to run slightly higher pressures again.
(the agument weight vs reliablility...lets keep that to another thread)

The pressure you run depends on various things then.
your style of riding,
the type of riding
the type of tyre your using.
as well as your body weight.

but I'd go with about 30 unless its a propper tubeless then adjust it accordingly.

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The term I was looking for is called Burping. Not Brown outs....LOL.

oooops sorry. Smiling

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Stan, burping is almost completely dependent on the rim and tyre combo. I typically run 20 on the front and 28 in the rear with schwalbe s and crests. On my dt Swiss el cheapo rims made for giant , there is no way I can run 20 without serious risk of a catastrophic burp. Also depends how hard you push into a bermed corner when there is lots of grip.

So when I say at 86kg I can get away with 20 psi on the front, that only holds true on crests on trails I know, 25psi on epics on unknown trails for safety ( have burped the combo once on known trails at 20)

So unfortunately there are no hard and fast rules for pressures .

Either way for the OP, if 28psi in the rear ,then maybe 5psi lower in the front is the go - and learn to unweighted your front if you are going to case a sharp edged rock. Eye-wink

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85-87kg - is that in your grundies? or is that riding weight kitted up with Camelbak?

If the latter, you're only a couple of kgs more than me. I've run my NN 26x2.25 successfully at 25psi on the front with zero threat of burping even during hot lap attempts down the Allambie descent, but they were the full UST version with the heavier (reliable!) sidewalls. I'd go so far as to say that anything over 26psi they were too skatey, and down to 22psi they were OK but starting to squirm in some situations. 28-32psi with 2.25 RaRa's on the rear, depending on terrain.

Currently I'm running RaRa's both ends on the Scalpel29er which are the TLR version - UST bead but thinner sidewalls. 28 has been fine on the front so far, but I still get a wee bit nervous over sandy rocks worrying about understeer. Haven't really played with pressures yet, but was advised by the shop not to go as low as I would with full UST.

12psi... I have burped at about that - tubeless newby using non-tubeless tyres didn't bother checking pressures one day in the rush to get out after a couple of weeks of not riding, brushed a rock at the landing bottom of 19th Hole and she went BANG! I'm guessing that was the pressure as that was what was in the rear :oops:

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wow....20 psi....I would have catastrophic flats going down to curl Curl Creek decent at pace witnthat kind of pressuer. I have Shimano Rims & use Schwalbe Snake skin TL ready tyers.... Oh well.

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I'm old school and still run tubes, 30 front 40 back. I mostly run that pressure at the back because I hate the feel of the tire squirming about. Does it do the same when tubeless?

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Squirming is very subjective. I run tubeless and am by no means an expert but I find too much pressure causes the back to bounce off rocks etc (particularly on a hardtail) and loses a lot of traction. It's a lot more notable on the front but too much pressure (>32psi) becomes scary stuff and you lose the front a lot.

Less that 25psi can cause squirming and feels quite perturbing at times, almost like the tyre is going to roll off the rim. Get it in the sweet spot and it's gold and the added traction on nasty pinch climbs is very handy

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32 is fine on a HT at places like Terrey Hills but mid-20s on th e rear really helped take the sting out of the bumps and improved control last time I rode a HT at the Dam. A bigger bagged full UST tyre on the rear would be my recommendation. Pinging off the rocks like you're trapped in a pinball machine can get scary.

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