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Back on the dirt?

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By Rob - Posted on 25 August 2013

Well... no-one likes a smart @rse, but... told you it would be a good weekend Eye-wink

Some may know that I haven't been out on the dirt for a long time. I have a chronic neck condition (compressed nerve) that seems to be aggravated by the riding position, or constant bumps, or both. Over the last couple of years have been sticking to the road and learning to to deal with this. Looks like things are never going to get back to 100%, but thought I would try another outing off-road and see what happens. FYI, last time I did this (few months back) ended up with a hamstring injury somehow. Doh!

Anyhow - took a very slow spin out at Terrey Hills today and kindof still feel OK this evening. The neck usually takes a day or two to react though, so will have to see how it pulls up.

The point of this post is to mention how very nice it was to be back on a social (well - with just one other rider, but that's all it takes, right?) mountain bike ride though! Given I didn't know what would happen (and was at a wedding most of yesterday so was never going to get up in time) skipped the 8am ride. However, good to catch the tail end of that ride in the car park as was setting up.

Hope there is more of this to come. Even took a few tourist-like snaps - it's been so long! Laughing out loud

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It's never to late to enter the World 24hr solos Rob!
Be a shame to miss out as they're in Oz this year! Eye-wink

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Top stuff Rob, so long as you still have fun and collect another story to tell.

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