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Wanted: Hardtail wanted medium...

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By nosepeg - Posted on 28 August 2013


After a hardtail as a second bike. Medium in size...anything out there?
Cheers, Nic.

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Hi mate,

I've got a medium size 2012 Merida TFS 100D I'm about ready to sell if you don't mind 2nd hand. 13 mths old with a couple of the usual small cosmetic scratches to the frame from learning how to ride Smiling Otherwise in very good nic. Looking to get 500 - 600 for it. Can post photos thru to you but in the meantime specs are here -->

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Apologies...should have specified that I'm after a 2nd hand 26-incher. Thanks for the heads up though.
Cheers, Nic.

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Hi mate I will just put this out there, I have a near new Giant XTC carbon 26 with new Fox Kashima coated ctd f32fork with full 10 speed XTR kit with Mavic SLR's or cross max wheel set comes in at 9.3kg's a very nice little weapon.
I've only ridden it 3 times and must say love it!! However I have 4 bikes at the moment and looking to get rid of a couple.
if your interested it wont be a great jump to get into it, just drop me a line and we will have a chat.
it will be going up for sale soon.
regards michael

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Hi Michael - sounds a bit too good for what I'm after which is a secondary ride. I'm after something a bit older and affordable...cheers, Nic.

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