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Long and Perim trails closing for 6 weeks from Sept 4

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By GiantNut - Posted on 03 September 2013

Did a night ride tonight and came across a few road barriers on Perim and Long advertising trail works from Wed Sept 4 until Oct 18th - the trail will be closed it said.
Something about creating a better trail for walkers, riders and bicycles.....anyone know what's up? Assume they may fill in that big dip near the golf Course so tankers can get thru but the rest is pretty good.....bitumen anyone?

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Thanks for the heads up. Found an alert here:

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Does anyone know whether the Long Trail is closed as well, or can it be accessed from the Japanese School/Northern Beaches Christian School entrance? The alert seems to suggest that it is only part of Perimeter that will be inaccessible.
Thanks to anyone who might have some information.

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No you wont be able to access it from the school as it looks like they are doing the section straight after it. if you click the link it says how to access Long Trail.

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Looks like the access to Long Track is via Mallawa rd. I have never come in this way, can anyone let me know if this is easy enough to navigate to Long Track? thanks

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Yeah - it's super easy. It's not even 1km or so then you turn left onto Long.

IIRC you can park at the West end of Perimeter track (eg. drive down Mallawa, then Bulara St and there's a parking area there).

If you start from here, it's nice to head along Cullamine Track and do the Duffys Track (Slades Lookout) out and back.

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Thanks Rob!

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