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Using my body as a brake

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By Rich de Pom - Posted on 09 February 2008

Testing the new concrete at the end at Dam

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Yeah, you can really get some nice speed down there now. I don't think it will be long before the speed reducing railings make a come back.

So how did you manage to fall on it? I'm guessing either coming out of the dirt or taking the left hand bend down to the bridge.

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Wow. How did you know? I just went a bit low on the cornering and must of either hit a bit of dust or the tyrewall just did not have any grip, but yes the back just slipped away and I just hanged on to the handlebars and slid down the concrete path.
I was just looking at the bad injuries and thought that well my one was pretty bad looking and dumb enough to take a photo of it. It stung like hell, but at least I did not break anything except pride.
You are totally right about the railings as well, that is only a matter of time until someone gets really hurt down there and there will be a helipad for the Careflight whirlybird to land on.

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