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Dry weather and loose rocks

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By jalmstrom - Posted on 09 September 2013

NB: Originally posted elsewhere on the Global Riders Network and appears via syndication.

Whilst out for a lovely morning ride at Terrey Hills, navigating down the steep bit at end of Long Track, hit some loose stuff, over the handle bars I go, down the side of the embankment.....If only I had my GoPro on! Batted an bruised, dislocated finger and not happy that I had a 30min slow ride back to the car and another 3 hours at the hospital, and it started so nice!!

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That bit is always sketchy. Going down the left side used to be the safer option as you could let the bike run out a bit without having to execute as acute a turn in the sand drift at the bottom, but it's just gotten so chopped up by the dry weather and occasional equine friend finding a compacted rock free line is a lottery.

Now I just pick a line and focus on keeping the bike upright and underneath me and hope I don't wash out in the turn at the bottom.

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Yes Hawkeye, I agree, the mistake I made was I was undecided/not committed with my line and ended up in strife.
Now I just have to overcome my fear of a fall again!

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