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Anyone had any reviews on one of these?

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By GAZZA - Posted on 09 September 2013
It's a cheaper version of the Topeak one but it still looks ok and is a third of the price.
Just wondered if anyone had already purchased one?

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I'd like to see pictures of it extended though. To see how flimsy (or not, hopefully) the inner pole is.

I assume it's pretty much identical (aside from the colour) to the one T7 sell (which is 10 bucks cheaper, probably a little less when you factor in shipping).

FYI, I have a couple of Ikea Broder poles surplus to requirements if you're interested Eye-wink Ikea don't sell these any more, but they are very hefty and the locking mechanism (for the extension) looks much more heavy duty than the link you posted (and the T7 one).

The Ikea Stolmen system is still sold and looks a lot better than all the above... if it's going inside and you care about that. The Stolmen looks a lot like the TopPeak one I think you're thinking of but they are $60 a pole in Australia. Then you'd pay a few bucks for some clamps and aluminium square section to complete it. See:

Or you could do this... awesome Laughing out loud

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I've got 2 of those exact ones from that seller - only had them for a few weeks. I'm happy with them but they are pretty flimsy - you can push the centre of the pole around a fair way.
The height clamp is very strong and stays put.
You need to be able to get the bike to balance with the hooks - the clamping mechanism will not hold it level. If your frame shape doesn't allow you to slide the hooks around until it is balanced the bike will hang crooked.
I've got a Superfly and Remedy on one and a HT and a Trance on the other - the Remedy is the only one that hangs slightly crooked.
I can get a photo if you want?

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Hi BLKFOZ, Yes, please upload a photo as I also want to get on of those and will be for my Remedy. My only concern is that it will be outside on the courtyard and wondering if you can somehow to secure the bike to the stand or the stand to.... roof?

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Hi I've got some of those at home.
They work a treat and are easy to setup.
There not any good for doing bike maintenance though, but I do have a work stand for that purpose any how.
Attached is a Pic of the first one we got, Now I have another one in the same room for the other bikes. Yes I have a dedicated bike room in the house.......

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Yeah... looking at that it is exactly the same as the T7 one (which I note is cheaper):

Well... aside from the colour.

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They're eventually going inside a cupboard so I don't care what they look like. I just want them to be secure.
Rob has some stand alone posts that I'm gonna have a look at. Otherwise I think I'll go for these.

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I move into my new house in a few weeks and bike storage is something I will be looking at straight away. I am thinking of doing the wall mounted hooks in the garage that I can lock. I may have to make them myself.

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