Cascades Wildlife

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By jacojoco - Posted on 10 September 2013

The local wildlife is out in force. Yesterday almost ran over a Green Tree snake on the middle bitumen hill up Cascades. Freaked me out as wasnt sure what is was and small head looked angry. Then he reared up and turned into the bush after I got a photo. Then tonight thought I saw a bandicoot, but it hopped. Just looked it up and it was a Long Nosed Potoroo (size of a rabbit, but not a rabbit) - very rare.

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Yep, almost ploughed into a couple of water dragons down at the weir last Friday - but they're fast when they want to be...beautiful creatures.

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I had one verrrrry close encounter last year and ever since then snakes aren't my favourite things to see on the trails (in fairness they weren't before either).

But they usually seem to be out of the way or get out the way pretty quick.



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