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Talk about how to overtake?

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By Bubble - Posted on 21 September 2013

Does anybody know that guy who was riding Manly dam today at 1.30pm, wearing a red top, black camel back and knee/shin guards?

I overtook him on my first lap before the golf course single track but then he caught me up and I immediately asked him if he wanted to overtake me to which he replied yes. So I went to the right and shouted to my left. However, he stayed behind my wheel so I slowed down even more and said again, to my left. He still stayed behind my wheel. So I asked him whether he wanted to overtake me or not.

He started to tell me what to do so he could overtake me on my right. I just couldn't believe it I told him I decide how he overtakes me and repeated 'to my left! How hard is it?' He just did that and made sure he would elbow me despite having enough room not to make contact. I lost my balance and fell off and shouted at him. He didn't stop of course.

My chain jumped at the same time so lost precious time to chase him up. Obviously one of those who cannot handle a tough and fast woman not wearing shin guards! And also, he is someone who can only overtake on the right? Anyway, I ended up catching him up at heart break hill.

He was pushing his bike and I thought I am going to catch him up as I can ride the hill. Silly me, at the top, there was a guy there having a break and I asked him if he knew the guy in front and I told him what happened. Wasted time and never managed to catch the guy again. I suspect he got scared if he saw me at the bottom of the hill!

So pretty upset with what happened especially since I always make sure I give way to people faster than me as I would expect other riders to do the same out of courtesy and it is most of the time the case.

So, shame on this guy's attitude. This type of behaviour is absolutely not welcome. So if you know this guy, make sure you remind him of trail etiquette and not be a bully!

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What a cock.

When did MTBers become roadies(tongue in check)

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But yeah, agree with Flynny

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I was riding with a red top, knee pads and black Camelbak on Saturday.....but I was at Red Hill....and finished by 10.30.

What bike was he on? It's often easier to recognise someone by their bike.

Glad to hear you weren't hurt.

Perhaps you could leave a polite but to the point note (laminated) and tied to prominent points around the circuit. A description should be excellent in making him feel like an utter pen15.

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Hey! I resemble that remark! (roadie) Sticking out tongue

Bubble, we saw you ride past a couple of times while we were working on the section of trail where it ducks back down off Cootamundra Drive. I said hello but I think you probably didn't hear.

If you'd mentioned the incident to us we'd have happily given him an education in trail etiquette.

Poor form elbowing anyone into a bush. My thoughts on someone doing that to a woman because their ego can't handle being passed by one... well, that's not printable.

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This small minded individual would obviously claim he "fell over" as he passed you, but ....

Shameful, and embarassing to the great majority of riders when this happens.

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