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Motorbikes on duck hole

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By StanTheMan - Posted on 22 September 2013

Just came by 3 motorbikes on duck hole number plate

Not sure if legit or not

Other 2 had no number plate

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The only place you can legally ride an unregistered bike is on private property. A National Park does not fit this description.

I seem to recall even registered bikes cannot legally use firetrail, however, cannot find any rules on this on the NPWS site. Doh!

Google the subject you find this interesting thread:

...could be wrong but riding in off limits areas of national parks and getting caught can result in bike being impounded...

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Evidence of them doing Chiltern too...

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If a fire trail in a NP is open to vehicles, ie it is still considered a public road, then motos are legit. Otherwise not legit.

If you can take a photo of the number plates and forward them to the relevant NP office, then they normally follow up with at least an Official Warning letter.

In any case, a NP is considered a public place, so motos should have a number plate on.

Warning: I've found some moto riders can get a bit aggro when their photo is taken, but they do tend to exit a park quickly then!

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