You are hereIf you were not born in Australia, what are your birth origins?

If you were not born in Australia, what are your birth origins?

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By craigs - Posted on 13 February 2008

26% (6 votes)
17% (4 votes)
Europe and the Middle East
13% (3 votes)
USA and Latin America
9% (2 votes)
New Zealand
13% (3 votes)
9% (2 votes)
13% (3 votes)
Total votes: 23
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Why can't Australians vote?

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i second the motion

Matt's picture

We're all from planet bike ;-}

Buzz's picture

Planet Bike - what planet do you come from?

Go Big or Go Home

Gus's picture

those Australians can just tick Asia.

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Canadians can tick "Other". Aussies are too superior to complete a poll of this sort.

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(says he sitting there with his feet dangling in the water, holding a beer in his left hand and his fishing rod in the right)

Carlgroover's picture

Kiwi's out numbered 3 to 1 by poms, I feel like I'm back home at a union meeting.

pikey's picture

....only needed to include Poms, South Africans & Germans Eye-wink

And we love youse all

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The average Aussie can't read anyway so there's no point in adding them to the list (TIC...)

kurt's picture

some one found some balls this morning and decided to see if they worked


good luck


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...if you're in a different country... the Kiwi Aussie baiting is rubbing off! And it aint raining here so EnZud's fine by me right now.

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