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Extreme fire danger & closures for Sydney National Parks

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By Rob - Posted on 10 October 2013

Today (October 10) RFS and NPWS are reporting an extreme risk of fires in many National Parks in Sydney and surrounds.

Eg. for Garigal National Park (Oxford Falls, Cascades, Bantry Bay):


Due to the high fire danger predictions, all walking tracks and trails will be CLOSED ON THURSDAY 10th OCTOBER. Picnic areas will be open and the public may only use the gas/electric barbeques supplied by the National Park.

Locations affected: Cascades trail, Heath and Bare Creek trails, Pipeline and Davidson Trails, Natural Bridge track to Davidson Park, Davidson Park to Stepping Stone Crossing walk, Stepping Stone Crossing to Cascades

Many other parks around Sydney have similar warnings. West Head road in Ku-ring-gai Chase is closed for example which will mean access to many tracks in that park is impossible.

More details on NPWS and RFS pages:

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Not on board with this. The rat bags who are going to start fires will start them anyway. The local Sydney trails generally have multiple entry / exit points. What is this supposed to achieve???

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I would say its not just to prevent fires but reduce the risk of injury/death if there is one. Last thing they want is to rescue people trapped in the bush

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It may seem like overkill, but many people go for a stroll/ ride in the bush who have no idea of the environment they're in
They've only seen it nice and calm and will panic at the first sniff of smoke
Resources are stretched enough without having to spend additional time rescuing some numbnut/s who becomes scared rigid when the bush turns on them

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Well... given the massive change in weather I suspect the closure will be lifted today. The NPWS page has yet to be updated so will just wait a while to confirm.

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Also the fact that the broadcast was to say they are just closed on Thursday I'd take it they are now open.

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