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MTB in Perth

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By lorrie - Posted on 18 February 2008


Anyone know anything about Mountain biking in or near to Perth?? I'm going over for work and will have a few days off so I'm wondering if its worth taking the MTB or the "other" bike.


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He is the expert. Smiling

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I asked one of the MTB-OZ guys who was there recently, he had this to say...

I did ride a bit near the start of the Munda Biddi trail (about 18km out then back I think it was), and it was pretty good with a reasonable amount of ST, although I think there is less ST later on in bits I didn't ride. I still plan on heading back over there and doing the whole thing, something I didn't get a chance to do last time due to a hidden crack in my fork leg (I knew it was there due to air leaking out)... definitely did not want that to fail at speed, so stuck to bike paths mostly.

There is a web site with info here:

You could fly into Perth airport with bike and ride from there, thats probably what I will do next time. There is accommodation and a few shops for supplies at Mundaring at the start. The maps for the trail are worth getting and are carried by all the Perth bike shops I went to, and available through the above link also.

I reckon spring is the best time to ride it, when all the wildflowers are out.

So there you have it.

FWIW, I have ridden around Margaret River on the Rails to Trails paths. We rode from Margaret River to Cowaramup and back. Pretty nice, mostly more narrow than fire trail. IIRC there was some nice sniggle near the river/Rotary Park. Theres a couple of maps on this page:

Who knows how long it will stay there, but I Googled, "rails to trails" "margaret river" (yes, with the quotes) to find it. The Rails to Trails map is identical to one I took a photo of there.

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this months australian mountain bike magazine has an article in the places that rock section
if you dont have it PM me and ill scan it and email it to you
has maps and all


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Liz and I rode the first 40k or so, in high summer a few years ago...

I'd love to organise a trek through the whole trail some day, hopefully it has improved a lot since that ride 4 years ago now!

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Oh, lookie here:

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Depends where you'll be staying. If you can get out to Mundaring (its the big dam that holds all of Perths dam water) there's a nice loop that takes you across mainly firebreak road and old reclaimed railway clearings, with an option to ride a bit of dh single track at the end.

Would highly recommend it. Ive got a mate back in Perth who might be able to play tour guide..

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