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Wanted: Pedal Pins

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By Jonathan - Posted on 18 October 2013


Hi everyone. Im noticing every ride that my pedals are getting less and less grippy then i realized i'm missing 90% of my pins Smiling Just wondering if anyone has pins there willing to offload for cash or good grace Smiling do go on and let me no. For reference i've got dmr v8 flat pedals, which yes are notorious for this issue.

Either that or can i just use regular grub screws from bunnings with some locktight?

Cheers fellas.

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Buy some stainless grubscrews. They're in Orchard Rd Brookvale. I assume they're M3 grubscrews but take your pedal along to confirm.

Then buy a bottle of Loctite 243.

The grubscrews will be a couple bucks. They're open to 12 on Saturdays.

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