Oxford falls

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By Flying Scotsman - Posted on 01 November 2013

Hi all. Newby here. Went with the wife to do manly dam last Sunday and had an amazing time.

I am planning to do some of Oxford falls trails this Sunday 3rd nov. I am doing it alone this time. Just not sure about where some if the trails are so if anyone reading this is going too (you don't have to ride with me) but if you could point me in the right direction of the best rails if I look lost! I'm on an old giant rincon mango/black colour.

I used to hit everything in my teens and early twenties but now im 31 with 2 kids I don't have the balls I used to have!!
I still hit the jumps and drop offs...well some of them after having a good look at them ! Eye-wink

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If you're doing the main trick stuff there should be a few people around who can show you where you can get airborne.

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