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By pommygit - Posted on 04 November 2013

All - Just looking for general info on "Muppet Show" off Mona Vale Rd. Basically, is it a rideable a trail?


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You mean this...

Yup - nice bit of track. Couple of vaguely technical parts but mostly smooth and easy.

It's on Crown Land if you are worried about that.

I heard some guys cleared all the golf balls out of the there other day too Eye-wink

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Hope they followed proper etiquette and 'replaced all divots' Eye-wink

One thing I noticed on my last ride through there was when doing it in the reverse (anti clockwise) direction the expectation seemed to be to give way to the riders riding it clockwise. This was especially the case along the ascent/descent about 500m from the Ryland track end.

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Thanks guys - will head up there next week, need a break from Red Hill.

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that I got up to Red Hill often enough to need a break from it.....

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Does anyone know where the path goes if you don't take the left after about 100mtre in. I tried following this and it petered out after about 200 metres

Any thoughts


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With any luck that would skirt around the golf place and end up at the Southern end of Larool... if you know what I'm saying? Eye-wink

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Some intrepid mates and I thought that turning left would be fun so followed it right along the fence line to the Golf Driving Range. There was no gaps in the fence and we had to climb over it. I wouldn't recommend it.

It would be good to build a path around there at some point but you'd need to go right around the driving range and connect up with the Larool Fire trail. How could that happen?

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If someone is going to do that then may I ask that they please don't just follow the fence line, and they would need to be careful where on Larool they popped out because there are aboriginal carvings in some of those areas. Not that I am advocating anyone doing that mind you.

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