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Are the Perimeter works finished?

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By pancakes - Posted on 04 November 2013

Did anyone not ride up there over the weekend and not notice whether or not the works were not finished? Eye-wink


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Spoke to a few guys on Sunday in the RFS carpark while on my road ride, and while it's not open yet, it is navigable on foot for the short distance of the closure.

Apparently great progress has been made in the last week and they reckon it should be finished in a week or two.

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Thanks, hawkeye. Think I'll hit some hills instead.

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Concrete is down (and open to ride through), I imagine they'll be packed up and gone by the end of the week.

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I changed the status to green as there is no need to hold back. Its wide open and easy to ride.

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but is going to make a right mess of the first noob that looses their balance and falls over on it.

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