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First time Fling

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By Pete B - Posted on 10 November 2013

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2013 Highland Fling
Slow and Reckless
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Cold, wet and muddy but still a great introduction for me into (half) marathon racing.

I'm happy with my result and even though earlier I was saying "never again", I'll be back next year to better my time. Hopefully next time without the cramps in the final climb.

Edit: Not sure if I have my position correct. In the list of everyone in my class, I'm 29th, but when I click on my name, it says I'm 43rd. Below that, it says 'time in'. I presume this is overall positioning?

Edit 2: Position sorted now results are in.

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Well done. The first is always the worst. You'll come back for more, and sometimes go faster and maybe sometimes go slower.
2.55 is an excellent first time.

Nice work.

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Thanks a lot, it makes the training worth the effort.

Sorry I didn't catch you afterwards. I hung around for an hourbut even after putting fresh, dry clothes on, I was cold to the core decided to head home.

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Great result for your first race Pete.

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Finally got out for a ride after all this bad weather and found that all the sand and grit from the Fling has destroyed the bearings in one of my pedals. Good excuse to upgrade from the 520's to a set of XT's.

Did anyone else suffer much damage?

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Not spinning quite so well after inadvertently immersing the hub on one of the many creek crossings. Rest is ok after a good clean and wipe apart from the chain which I have sitting in kero at the moment.

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No damage for me. I haven't ridden it but everything seems to spin ok Smiling

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Taking into consideration my bike and I went for an involuntary swim in one of the creeks it's held up well. The chain is showing signs of rust but that could be the metho spirits I mistook for the kero when I cleaned it the night before!

As for me, I'll be wearing the mental trauma for awhile yet... T'wasnt a good day on the bike Eye-wink

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