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Disappointing Fling

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By Fatboy - Posted on 10 November 2013

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2013 Highland Fling
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I was so keen to do well at The Fling. My aim was to do 5:30-5:45 which would smash my pb of 6:25. I've been training well and have been coached for 4 months now by my mate Gordo who has won the event twice.

It all turned upside down after last weekend when I took my better half Liz to Derby Day in Melbourne and after a hot day we kicked on with a small group into the night and had dinner outside as the weather turned cold. Melbourne... I gave Liz my jacket (last time I'll ever be a gentleman) and froze. Ever since I've had an infection causing blocked nose and razor blades in my throat.

I started the race with my mate Justin who has done the last 2 Flings in about 5:30 so made sure I stuck to him. I lost him when I got jammed against a gate but rode 42mins with him in sight then flatted my rear tyre. 13mins later after a stuck valve I was going again.

At transition I was in a flap as I decided now to carry 2 spare tubes and hadn't really thought how I'd fit them so Liz & I frigged around way too long and I took off without lube. Doh! Soon into the next stage my chain was grinding as I had ridden in the water on stage 1 and then I began sliding out on corners and realised my rear tyre was losing pressure. Instead of stopping and fixing which I was scared about after my 13 min episode in stage 1 I pressed on and smashed hard to make up time. By halfway feedzone I was totaled having turned myself inside out riding on a semi flat tyre trying to make up time. The rest of that stage was a very black place. And of course when you lose time and go hard trying to make it up you tend to go faster than those around you so I rode the fast fire road sections at the start and finish of Wingello in the wind all on my own.

Got to next transition and as I wasn't doing any good took my time changing into warm clothes as I was cold & wet. This time I lubed and took off warm and riding a bike that felt great so rode a pretty good stage considering by then the 50km field and half the 100km field had gone through and turned it to slop.

In the end I finished about 10 min slower than last year but took away the positive that I finished without fuel in the tank as I always finish regretting I could have gone harder.

I feel Liz has squared away her debt now from last weekend by following me around today in miserable wet conditions and 8 deg temp.

As I write my infection has spread to my chest so I guess I'll be off the bike for a bit.

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I think we had a chat about flat tyres someplace climbing out of the shimano loop?
tough race indeed, but you know there's always next year.

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Holy shit - that sounds like a nightmare from start to finish!!
On the bright side, you finished (against all odds).
You also spent so much time pissing around, and it was a slower day than previous editions, that you were actually faster at riding than you ever have been, in worse conditions.

Thanks for the shout-out. I must admit to being surprised when I saw you so early...

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Sounds like a tough day out, but you still managed a respectable time despite the delays. Well do e persisting to be end - I'm sure many would have given up.

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Well done on finishing in what was tough conditions.

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I reckon it's the disappointment that you would have felt that made it so admirable to persevere, I know plenty (probably inc. myself) wouldn't and it's always a good feeling FINISHING properly no matter how long. Recover well; hopefully there's next year!

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No mention of cement in there...but on all accounts it sounds like you consumed more than your fair share. Good effort and recover well.

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Ha, you're right Dave I should HTFU. It was funny I couldn't get hold of Gordo on Sunday to tell him I'd failed dismally. By the time he called me back Monday morning my story was more like " well my bike broke in half and I walked 50km...." He just wouldn't understand excuses!

Great to see all you sxc guys up front at the start and reading your stories. What a competitive bunch!

Thanks everyone else for comments. Awesome to see the progress Nobmobbers have made in enduro's. Lots of talent! What a terrific sport.

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