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First Fling; good post injury ride!!

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By Jonny - Posted on 11 November 2013

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2013 Highland Fling
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I was originally signed up for the 100km but a nasty accident a couple of weeks ago left me with 11 stitches in my chin and a busted shoulder. I was doubtful of racing at all, so decided to hedge my bets and do the 50km.

It was the first time I've done a 50km, with all my previous races being the 100km's.

Only one training ride in the two weeks leading upto the race didn't fill me with much confidence. The only ride I did was a slow lap of the dam to test the new wheels which had been express ordered to replace the tacoed ones after my crash.

I'm a sack of skin and bone, 65kg wringing wet, so the 15 mins pre start was freezing! I stood there shivering and willing the gun to fire.

Start was good and I got away about half way through wave 1. The pack settled after some typical early pushing and shoving, and I settled into a group of 4 or 5 riders. I pushed hard on the hills and the flats - god I love running 3 x10; hit the flats, whack her in the big ring, and sit at 30km/hr +!! Why would I go single ring upfront?!

I was slow on the technical bits, I think a combo of slightly too much tyre pressure and some nerves following my accident.

I broke away from my pack up a climb around 3km from transition - big mistake! I sat around 800mtrs behind one pack and 800mtrs ahead of another pack on all the fire roads after transition! I went hard an kept a steady gap, but couldn't get upto the group infront. I think this cost me a bit of energy to say the least!

The rest of the race went well, powering up the hills and the flats catching groups ahead, and holding my own (just) on the single track. I made every climb and stretched ahead of people who walked them.

Needless to say I chose the short and steep option and your call and made a couple of places here - it's no where near as steep as I thought it would be.

A final dash up the road to the finish - but the big chainring to good use and took a few more places.

Very happy with 2:45 - I think doing the 50km was a real confidence booster as I could focus on speed knowing my endurance would see me through.

You may see me on a 50km course again - hopefully a bit quicker and better prepared next time Eye-wink

P.s. I posted on here re bottles before the race: I took two
(Frame and jersey), I finished one bottle about 45km mark and had about 1/5th of the second. Definitely didn't need the spare powder I took 'just in case'!

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That's a great result on limited preparation Jonny.

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That's outstanding actually, considering what happened two weeks ago!

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Considering the injury, that's pretty darn impressive. I wonder what you'll be when you're fully recovered?

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