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First time Halfling

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By all74 - Posted on 12 November 2013

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2013 Highland Fling
Me and a mate
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I first rode a mountain bike about 12 months ago and mistakenly took it along with a couple of other also middle aged newbie mates to Manly Dam. Sorry to anyone who was behind us that day. Thankfully we started at the golf course sniggle and I was hooked from the moment my knobbly tyres hit the first berm.

So that was 12 months ago and about 15 kilograms in weight loss ago. I've since tried to ride most weekends even now forcing my 7 and 10yo boys to join in.

I rode the three ring circus in July and the atmosphere was great even if it took be 4 hours 3o Min and I walked most of the yellow ring.

But just a couple of days reflection and I knew I had to do the half fling. So we signed up for the Half, the Rolloff (won my heat but 2nd in the in my semi, shouldn't have lost all that weight!) Kids Skills course, and kids fling. What a great events.

So off we go in the last Half Fling group at 8:15. The pace was nice and surprisingly everyone was so quiet, no chating even at this end of the field, heads down bums up. We were aiming for a sub 4 hours and after the Ground Effect stage I had not walked a single hil and we were really on target. I had one moment on deep red course gravel where I took the right hand side while overtaking. (were thay xmas trees some guy was triming there?) At Wingello I was feeling good but the GU stage had plenty of surprises and lots of single track and at one point my legs just stopped working (even though I felt great!) quick sit down and some food seemed to sort me out and we were off again.

I was hoping to finish before the full fling elites but hadn't factored in the fact that we started much later, anyway was good to see them rush past and everyone seemed to get out the way as quickly as possible.

We met one poor sod trying to cobble together a single speed after losing both front and rear derailleurs I hope the old power link I had did the trick.

Lots of the last stage was a blur but it was a nice walk up Broke Back (noice view!) and "Your Call" hey I was walking alot by then anyway so a 500 mtr walk seemed better than a 900mtr ride at that point. Maybee next year I'll try the otherway, and I will be back next year, I've got to crack 4 hours!

Thanks to all the organisers for such a great event. And my mate Ian for looking out for me throughout.

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Well done Mark. Your story of getting into mountain biking is how it starts for so many of us. Welcome aboard.

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I don't know if this is good or bad news but it never gets any easier. You just get faster!
Enjoy the journey though!

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Getting hooked is the first step, and you've done that. And like Gazza said now you'll just keep getting faster.

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