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Want a bargin GPS? Bryton Rider 20 with HRM for $110 landed!

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By Rob - Posted on 23 November 2013

For those looking for GPS on a budget here's a great deal!

Smartphone apps are OK, but a smartphone it probably too valuable to strap onto your handlbars, probably isn't waterproof, eats through too much battery when using the GPS & screen and doesn't have a heart rate monitor.

If you are looking for a cheap GPS unit to overcome these problems then this is about as good a deal as I've ever seen.

Merlin Cycles currently has the Bryton Rider 20 with HRM at 50% off.

At current exchange rates the unit is listed at $100.96, with $8.66 shipping (3-5 day service). That's the GPS unit and HRM landed for under $110. Bargain!

Follow this link:

Full disclosure: Merlin Cycles is one of our affiliates and while it won't alter the price you pay in any way, purchasing using the link above will give a small cut of the sale back to us which is put towards costs of running this site.

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I have one of these,they're great. Still haven't used half the stuff on it.

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+1 for the Bryton 20, mine hasn't missed a beat since I got it last year. Hard to beat if you want a simple GPS unit that just works.

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I used to use it on the roadie & mtb now it wont switch across so I got a garmin 500 cheaper and is always on the mtb now

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