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Fixing up old bike to sell

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By Tristania - Posted on 23 November 2013

After four months of hanging in my laundry/bike shed, it's just about time to kiss my old Giant Anthem X3 goodbye as I sell it to a friend. Among other things, it is in desperate need of having the rear (and possibly front) suspension replaced. Just wondering if any of you have replaced/fixed this type of suspension before, or know of anywhere where I may be able to get this fixed cheaply/for a less expensive price, as I'd like to find the most economic way of doing so. Got on it today and can hardly believe I ever rode this thing, it feels so small and slow!

I think the gears' bearings may need replacing too, does anyone know how difficult that may be to do?


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Do you mean entire forks and rear triangle, or something smaller like shocks, bushings, pivot bearings, or just seals and fluids?

Assuming just a shock service, if its Fox you can buy the seal kits and DIY pretty easily. I've done it a couple of times myself by referring to the official Fox guide on YouTube.

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