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2012 giant xtc 0 composite wanting feed back

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By Team evolution - Posted on 28 November 2013

NB: Originally posted elsewhere on the Global Riders Network and appears via syndication.

Looking at buying this bike to race on read a few reviews all seems ok just not sure about shram x9 and the avid elixir 7 brakes any feed back from people who have ridden this bike would be great

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I haven't ridden the XTC0 extensively, but my main riding buddy has had one for ages. It's his ride of choice on any but rocky techy stuff (which he doesn't like anyway).

So far he's had no issues with the SRAM drivetrain or Elixir brakes, though he did convert to 1x10 very early on in the relationship. Never gripes about the brakes or shifting on rides either, so I reckon he must be pretty happy with the lineup.

He hasn't got a bleed kit for the brakes and I've never been asked to bleed them, which is a rarity amongst my Elixir owning hombres....


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Earlier this week I rode flat-out up a rocky climb on my 26 inch trance, and then up the same climb the next day on my XTC. My times were 3:43 on the Trance and 3:21 on the XTC.

The XTC is light and quick, but be prepared to work hard. It gives a very harsh ride, and if your races take more than about three hours be prepared for a lot of upperbody fatigue. I race mostly half marathons on it, and the XTC is perfect for these races. I love this bike and have no regrets buying it.

Things to beware of: the fox forks that came with it are really not very good. When I first got the bike they were very sticky, and now I can't get more than about 50% of the travel out of them. I'll be upgrading them soon.

The stock wheels are not tubeless ready. Because the bike gives such a harsh ride, I was trying to run lower pressures and kept getting pinch flats. I solved this by upgrading to lightweight tubeless wheels, and they have been fantastic.

No problem with SRAM X9 or Elixir 7, they're great.

In short, if you're doing short races and want a very fast bike then this is a fantastic option. If you're doing very long races I would try riding one first and see how you go. If you're doing a lot of very rough technical trails then you will find it very hard work.


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Thanks guys I did the dwelly 40 and then c2c this year loved it on my trek superfly was good but at 13.8 kgs would like to go the light weight hard tail route just always used shimano and have full xt on my trek fuel play bike and love it so after reading a few reviews about x9 not being so good dropping chains and the brakes being up graded by quite a few people to xt started to wonder

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I have one and have used it for both 100km races as well as a 9 day 930km stage race in South Africa. You will not have extra fatigue if you are using it for training on and are fit and strong as your body will be used to it.

As for the comments on the fork, clearly he has a dud fork and should claim under the warranty....I have that fork on my XTC and Anthem and there are no issues with it.

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Have a look at the shifters and make sure they are x9 as well. Watch out for Giant cost cutting! My Anthem came with x7 rear derailleur but x5 shifters. I think the quality of the shifters can make a difference. The x5 front shifter became unreliable (changed to 1X10) but the x7 shifters on my daily commuter cargo bike have been perfect for 4 years.

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