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Nomadic Cafe at Old Man's Valley

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By jp - Posted on 30 November 2013

Next time you're riding at Old Man's Valley, make sure you have a few coins in your pocket. The nomadic cafe is there most weekends, and makes a fantastic cup of coffee!

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Holy crap! Tell me that thing has a motor in it please... I work up a pretty solid sweat with just my camelbak going up that hill to the road.
Great idea tho!

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Electric I'm guessing by the size of the hub in the front wheel.

Good to see he's got some decent mtb tyres on that thing. He needs to do a few laps of the circuit first though. Evil

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I think it is only show there is a car and trailer parked on the fire road down the hill , I saw it a few weeks ago .

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Was chatting to him on Saturday. He rides in but rides half way up the fire trail and gets a tow the rest of the way.
He is also a local.

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Never seen him there and I've been there at least 6-8 times.........
I'd but something just for the hell of it and to talk about his rig.

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If I remember correctly from our conversation. He is only there on Saturday mornings until about midday.

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Last weekend he was there Saturday til 1 and Sunday til midday.

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The first few weeks of trying it out at the mountain bike park, I used a trailer. That was just to start though. Since then I ride it to the mountain bike park and back to my home. If I go down to the paddock the furthest I've ridden up is to the last corner right before the real steep section. After this it is too steep (with 200+ Kgs) so I have had my wife pull me up to the top. I then ride home.

I also ride it to local events and businesses. However it is too slow and heavy to be practical to ride it further than local destinations. I have video on my facebook page of me and someone else riding it if you're still skeptical.

I'll probably stay at the top though from now on as the work of getting it back to the top isn't probably worth it, especially for a unique experiment. Probably will try it through December. I usually do weekends there depending on events. I post my location on my facebook page.

Mention NobMob and get 50 cents off your drink or get half off a drink for a mate.


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Your wife must be strong! Eye-wink

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If some poor schlepper can ride it to the top of the fire trail!!

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lol, I want to have a crack at riding it up the hill also. And I would still buy my coffee Eye-wink It does have granny gear right?

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Yes it has a really low granny gear. It would be an interesting challenge... I really don t think anyone could get it all the way up but it would be fun watching someone else try for a change. Not sure about the liability issues if you were to hurt yourself trying though. ; )

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Challenge accepted!


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