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Bike Rental (Early January)

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By cphull - Posted on 06 December 2013

Hi All,

I've got a buddy coming to visit me in Sydney from back home in the USA in early January. I'm looking to take him trail riding, and am looking for a bike with around 5 inches of travel to rent. I've had a look at Re-Zycle's website, but I was just trying to check out other options.

Just wondering if anyone would be interested in renting out their bike for two days in early January (sometime between Jan 1st and Jan 6th).

I'm relatively new to mountain biking (1.5 years), but my buddy lives in Colorado and has been biking for the past 7 years. He also has worked in a bike shop for almost all of that time, so the bike would be well looked after. Plus I'd obviously be willing to discuss any contingency plans if something were to break.

Anyway, not sure if anyone is interested, but was hoping to test the waters.

I'm also new to NoBMob (long time watcher, first time poster haha). I'm assuming people can PM me if they want, or respond to this post.

Also if anyone knows any other places to rent a decent FS trail bike in Sydney area, would be very keen for info. I know in the states many shops have demo bikes you can take out for a fee, not sure what the deal is here

Thanks in advance.


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I'd pull your email off the post unless you want hundreds of emails about "mail enlargement" clogging your inbox.

If it's in your profile we can see it there.

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Cheers mate, thanks for the advice!

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