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interesting story unfolding here...

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Apparently ASI, who owns Fuji bicycles and who own the Roubaix trademark in the US, licensed Specialized to use the Roubaix trademark.

Apparently the registration of the TM in Canada by Specialized is a breach of their agreement. ASI have weighed in and told them to pull their heads in, and quit bullying the bike shop.

Neat summary of events so far here:


ASI / Fuji starts producing a bike called the Roubaix. They pursue legal trademark protection.


Specialized wants to produce a bike called the Roubaix, and does a licensing agreement with ASI.

After 2003:

Specialized registers Roubaix in Canada. According to ASI, this violates the licensure agreement.


Cafe Roubaix: ”I’ve always wanted to run a bike shop.”

Specialized: ”That’s my ball.”

Cafe Roubaix: ”Uhh, can we play together?”

Specialized: ”No. Give me my ball. I’m going home.”

Cafe Roubaix: ”Are you sure we can’t play together?”

Specialized: ”Give me the ball or I’ll beat you up.”

Cafe Roubaix: (Shouts to all of its friends on the playground): “Hey, Specialized is being a bully.

100,000 Internet People: ”Hey, Specialized, go pick on someone your own size.”

ASI: ”Actually, that’s my ball. Specialized, if you’re not careful, we’ll take it away from you. Cafe Roubaix, you can play with the ball.”

Specialized: ”Yeah, uhh…Cafe Roubaix, you can play with the ball.”

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