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By Dazzler84 - Posted on 28 December 2013

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Hi everyone I just brought a giant STP zero looking at getting back into riding again and I need some new tyres I currently have maxxis choice roller 26x2.4 on front and maxxis ikon 26x2.2 on the back any advise on what to get I ride a bit on the road as well and is there much advantage of having the UST tyres ?

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Your hand should 'feel' trail a bit more and the most advantage is to enjoy low pressure and less puncture in general. Forget to say no need to bring spare tube!

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Any advice on what tyres i should use maxxis minions dhr2 or some high rollers I heard people using a combo of both ?

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It really depends on trail condition and your style. I use maxxis ardent 29x2.25 at front and maxxis crossmark 29x2.2 at rear. Thought about dhr or high roller but decided not to because of weight. My previous pair is schwalbe nobby, good tyres. Just wanted to try different brand.

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Ust slicks are all the rage now days, heaps of guys use them for commuting Smiling

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Tyres that roll well and give a good service life on the road tend to give poor grip off road and those that grip well off road tend to be slow and wear out quick on pavement.

You could swap tyres between knobbies for the weekend and slicks for commuting, which can be done quickly with practice but that puts tubeless out of the picture really.

Best compromise I suppose would then be to go for a medium tread height front like an ignitor 2.35 or Ardent teamed with an easy roller like a Larsen TT 2.0 or Crossmark 2.1-2.3 on the back.

For extra pinchflat protection you could run the stiffer UST casing on the rear with the tube... I'm assuming with the STP you'll be doing more technical stuff like jumps and the like.

Tyres with chunky shoulder knobs tend to be dangerous when cornering hard on the road: the knobs fold under and the tyre lets go very suddenly. Not recommended for regular commuting when you have to allow for the unpredictable moron motorist.

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