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Help from the Trail Gurus!

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By teeps - Posted on 31 December 2013

I plan to ride from Northbridge to Palm Beach (where you get the ferry from) and would like those of you who know the trails well to help me try and fit in a whole lot of trail riding where I can rather than being on the road. Any little bit will make the ride better so don't hold back!

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Northbridge over to the dam for a lap (roll down to Tunks and see if you can hitch a ride with a boaty to the spit Eye-wink ), over to Ralston ave for the top loop then down Heath/Bare creek track in the Cascades, up Lower Cambourne and up to Acron, over to Phil's sneaky and St Muppets, Larool track to Terrey Hills (throw in a Perimeter & Long from Nerang ave if you want an extra 25 Ks), Duck holes then West Head Rd to the Basin Track and get on the ferry to Palmy.

Should keep you busy for a while. Smiling

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I like that! We should do it one day... Followed by a bite to eat to refuel...

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Count me in. Smiling

Not til mid Feb though. Sad Work. Sad

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I concur. How do we get home from Palm Beach? Don't say "ride!" Sticking out tongue

hawkeye, yeah that'll probably work for me too.

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Hi, I rode from Nth Balgowlah to Avoca via the ferry. Rather than go on the roads from Church Point to Palm Beach I got the ferry from the Basin to Palm Beach and then 10mins later from Palm Beach to Wagstaffe.
Not sure from Northbridge but I did a bit of Manly Dam/Bantry Bay, Cascades, Terry Hills, Centre Track and then down to the basin.
Just a thought.

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