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Xc race tyres

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By Team evolution - Posted on 11 January 2014

NB: Originally posted elsewhere on the Global Riders Network and appears via syndication.

Anyone tried anything new in preparation of the comming season particularly for WA conditions or will I be running a racing ralf and a rocket Ron

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Team WTF! will be using a mixture of Specialised S-Works Ground Control 29" x 2.1, approximate weight 605g (or 2.3's if available) and/or S-Works Fast Track/Renegades 29" x 2.2/3, approximate weight 570g, depending on surface conditions (and set-up on the walking frame).

But as Team WTF! are probably one of the slowest (we got a loitering ticket in the last race!) I don't know that anyone need follow this ground breaking(?! sorry) lead. However, we are considerably faster with S-W GC's than R-Ralphs.

FWIW an avag'day

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From what it hear about WA I would try out a maxis beaver. They are narrower ( so might get though the pea gravel), and have good spacing between knobs, and the knobs that are there are high - possibly enough to get through the gravel.

The new schwalbe tyre of the moment is the thunder Burt , and for maxis the ardent race is still recent ( about a RRon)

I'm over east coast and am just going to stick with the RR and RRaplh combo most probably but about to test out a X king, race king combo - the dust and gravel has taken me out a couple of times in the last few months, so I either have to slow down or find a miracle tyre

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I've got Thunder Burts F & R on a new Rigid 29'er I just built up. On anything hardpack they're an absolute weapon! Faster than than Racing Ralphs I've used on other bikes, with a bit of side knob action for grip in turns. Dunno how it would go in loose stuff, but worth looking into.

Mine are the Evo Raceguard, and came in at 460g each for a 29 x 2.1"

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