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Sram jockey wheels

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By Gary - Posted on 12 March 2008

Does anyone know of longer lasting jockey wheels for the sram deraileurs, I've gone through three sets in 1200km, not the most expensive things in the world but I'm getting tired of having to change them so often.

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Strange Gary, I've had my jockey wheels on my X7 deraileur for around 2300km and they are only just turning into ninja stars. What are you doing to wear them out in a few hundred km!? Shocked

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bit pricey, locally I think the are about $45 each, cheaper os of course. Jet Black told me my closest supplier was KOM, I believe BA also stock them.

BTW the are coloured so a little more bling on the ride as well

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I think they are only made for shimano and campy, had a look at their website and they dont mention any compatability with sram. Thanks for the input Stuart

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Besides the bank'll never lend you the mortgage you'll need to buy a single jockey wheel from KOM... the only thing I ever tried to buy from there was a set of egg beater cleats which at their prices would've cost as much as a new set of pedals, almost...

I concur with the earlier post too, I've had SRAM mechs on a couple of bikes for years now and only replaced 'em once, do you not clean your drivetrain (not that I keep mine immaculate) ?-}.


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I generally clean the drivetrain after every ride, every few rides everything is stripped down, cleaned and lubed. Everything seems to be working fine with the drivetrain itself and I am riding in the same conditions as everyone else, it just seems to be one of those things.

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The jockeys on my X9 lasted about 1300Ks before they bit the dust, see:

Expensive day out

As we've said before the particularly wet weather last few months won't have helped matters. Oh well! Sad

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IF it does then it might be possible that your top jockey wheel is aligned properly, hence everything works well. If the cage is slightly bent then the bottom wheel won't be aligned properly and the chain will be rubbing the sides more, if you know what I mean.

Just a thought

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Yes stuart had a look today when I fitted the new jockey wheels, there is so much play in the main pivot that the whole deraileur is being pulled out of alignement.
So the next questionj is should the pivot ( where the deraireur bolts to frame ) have worn out so fast, 1000-1200km.
Ho hum

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Don't want to appear to be asking stupid questions but are you sure you've done it up tight enough and or haven't stripped it when you've stripped the bike down to clean it?

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The bushing seems to be worn, the bolt is definatly tight enough

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Testing out Token on my 06 XO, wheels were $99 at KOM. Get 11 Teeth, OK fopr SRAM.

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Also forgot to mention. Check out the chain you are using Shimano, SRAM, Wipperman. Wipperman and SRAM chains are really strong but in our sandy environment they will trash your running gear - chain rings and jockey wheels etc. I have always used Wipperman/SRAM chains, currently testing shimano XTR.

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The jockey wheels are different between the X0 & X9 deraileurs, the bottom ones are the same but the top one on the X9 does not use the same bearing arrangement and to add even further complications the mounting bolt is offset from central.
Thanks everyone for your advice.
One last comment on this I went to three bike shops to find the jockey wheels, 2 were within $5 dollars of each other the other shop was $55 more, all prices were for the exact same part, it pays to shop around.

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Yes they will work with Sram. The overall diameter is a tad larger than the official Sram wheels but this is only a problem if you're running the short cage mech. Saying that I'm running a short cage X.0 mech with the Token wheels and filed less than 1mm of material off the cage for it to work. Still goin strong!

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can you tell me if there is any performance upgrade as they claim or is it just a bling upgrade

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i could probably guess correctly mate that over a 10'000 km race you might shave a second or so off your time stu! and thats only to do with the less wind resistance due to the polished surface of them! we all know we cant resist shiny/blingy things for our bikes, im sure they'll last longer than plastic jockey wheels which is the particular reason im gonna justify buying a set myself!!! Eye-wink

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difference between my last and dead last place.

I was just curious to see if it was change that was actually noticeable

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With Squid bling = performance

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Somehow just stumbled across this page:

All manner of titanium goodies, including jockey wheels:

Only Shimano and Campy though.

Matt's picture I will never stoop to the desperate level of weight weenieness that Ti jockeys represent... but would they not wear your chain (maybe imperceptibly) faaster? especially since Ti is 'arder than steel?

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No need to stoop too low Matt, they are delrin and not Titanium.

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